Trying out Opera for the first time in like a decade since I somehow blew my Chromium profile away. Not bad actually.

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On listening to albums 

@vgr Great Life Spirit Distillation post. Thanks to that and its links I'm about halfway through Seeing Like a State. I'm really enjoying it, though I have a more mixed view of modernist architecture than he does. He reminds me a bit of David Graeber. Also been thinking a lot about waldenponding, to which I'm prone, and about Deep Work, toward which I strive, despite having no interest in "belongingness". I'm not sure that deep work must be T-shaped. Is it just the isolation that worries you?

A few friends and I have been discussing freedom from different angles (philosophical and economic mainly) over the past few months, and on Monday we want to discuss digital freedom.

Anyone on the fediverse have any articles/podcasts/thoughts on the topic?

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Dopamine in Daniel Deronda 

I'm on a bus in London and a girl who can't be older than 12 is explaining the trolley problem and self-driving cars to her disinterested mother

I've previously thought about this question, whether there's a moral cost to indulging one's dislike or hatred for something through vitriol, how that weighs up against saving other people's time.

My recent thinking has been that it's hard enough to get the motivation to read/experience difficult stuff so better to err on the side of the (more difficult to write, as most of those writers note) positive review.

After thinking for years that I needed to take better notes on what was going on with friends, reading this finally got me to try it out. Basically I set up MonicaHQ in Docker. Does anyone else do something similar?

I've written 42,903 words of a novel draft in 3 weeks and here's what I've learned so far

I've been thinking a lot about mastery lately. Mastering ideas, concepts, or skills, to reach a high level, or new insights.

I think of mastery per se as a worthy goal, but a friend has argued that it can indicate obsession or compulsion, and he thinks high-level mastery is sometimes pathogenic.

Do you have a view on mastery, whether good or bad? For the purposes of this question, let's say mastering that has a neutral impact on the world, like privately learning an idea or skill.

I'd never heard a convincing case for giving up caffeine, but this could be an interesting one. Has any habitual coffee drinker experimented with stopping? What were the effects?

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Technical question for writers 

I'm listening to the (excellent) Audible collection of Alistair Cooke: "Letter from America." Found this one quite moving:

Exciting news for readers: US copyright freeze is about to end, meaning that every year going forward new classics will enter the public domain.

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Top 10 Books I read in 2018 

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