@dredmorbius Just wanted to thank you for posting my Zettelkästen article on HN!

All right, I've gone and written up my (very) initial impressions, after about two days of heavily using Zettelkästen, a system for thinking in writing:

@alper @kensanata

I wrote a bit about why productivity/tracking systems don't always stick, and whether it's a natural cycle, or a sign of poor implementation.

Does anyone know about this Zettelkasten thing? Tried it? Someone at my discussion group yesterday mentioned it. It's intriguing but not sure if it will just be a distraction. zettelkasten.de/posts/overview

I wrote about feelings. Should you record them? Do they mean anything? They seem much more important in the moment than they do later on. But does that mean they deserve more attention? clerestory.netlify.com/feeling

Thinking about Robin Carhart-Harris' new paper on psychedelics. Anyone else read it? clerestory.netlify.com/rebus/

I've been thinking about the role of induction/observation in , , and , and wrote some thoughts about how these areas might have once overlapped and later bifurcated. Particularly interested in the relationship between and . clerestory.netlify.com/observa

I wrote about this idea that liquid intelligence goes down but crystallised intelligence can go up throughout your life? buff.ly/332qOVq I'm not sure I understand it though, maybe someone else can explain.

I wrote about Walter Kempowski's incredible novel about East Prussia in 1945: All for Nothing. bit.ly/allforn

Highly recommend Walter Kempowski's All for Nothing, a novel about the evacuation of East Prussia in 1945, and Nicholas Ostler's Empires of the Word, a history of the spread of languages through empire. But I'm finding it hard to write about them today. More here: clerestory.netlify.com/inartic

I wrote about silence, the ringing you may or may not hear in your ears, and suggest how it might relate to ageing and conceptual thinking clerestory.netlify.com/silence

Thinking about whether sociability is like a muscle one can strengthen, or more like a finite resource clerestory.netlify.com/sedated

Can anyone think of a phrase that means something like the "reins of power"? Like to be close to the sources or workings of power. I feel like there's a better phrase than reins but I can't think of what it is.

Trying out Opera for the first time in like a decade since I somehow blew my Chromium profile away. Not bad actually.

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On listening to albums 

@vgr Great Life Spirit Distillation post. Thanks to that and its links I'm about halfway through Seeing Like a State. I'm really enjoying it, though I have a more mixed view of modernist architecture than he does. He reminds me a bit of David Graeber. Also been thinking a lot about waldenponding, to which I'm prone, and about Deep Work, toward which I strive, despite having no interest in "belongingness". I'm not sure that deep work must be T-shaped. Is it just the isolation that worries you?

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