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After six months of writing privately, I'm going to restart my blog. The current idea is to go for volume, but I'm also going to curate anything worthwhile into a newsletter.

Current interest is origins of the conscious self and origins of complexity, but there will be lots of other film/philosophy/literature stuff. Newsletter link if you're interested 🙂

Developing my ideas about step changes in complexity. Today I wrote about abundance in the Fertile Crescent

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I'm writing about step changes in complexity, here trying to establish some definitions

I'm writing on revolutions, step-changes, and paradigm shifts, all the exciting events in history writ large — starting with biological evolution, and eventually going back to the big bang, with plenty of comparisons to human history

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The chilling tale of a "secret ingredient" in capitalism-as-we-know-it and of the 18th-century thinkers behind the laissez-faire economics that power it: "Slavery as Free Trade"
(Plus the Bastille, stormed)

Face history:

I reviewed the new book, Vincent Bevins' The Jakarta Method, about the CIA's interventions during the Cold War

Feels like the dates are wrong on here? Or are other people seeing new toots? I'm only seeing them until 21 Jun

Cultivation of the Soul: On the first usage of "culture" metaphorically in Cicero

"In that sense, a copy of a book — any book — is like the echo of some long-ago speech, which has been repeated to us through the generations. It is a still ongoing process, not an object."

I started a series on culture and whether art can be said to evolve"

Continuing in this thread, I wrote about Planck's principle and plasticity

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I wrote a bit about the idea that we're getting younger and whether perceptions of youth might be cyclical

On filters, and the expansion/contraction cycle, the balancing act between exploration and stabilisation

I wrote about ambition as technology as it relates to the avant-garde and connoisseurship

I'm trying to lay the groundwork for some later thinking with short posts, right now quite basic but I'd be interested in what you think of the plan, i.e., interlinked short pieces.


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Just realised that it's the year of the dagger. As in, the typographical dagger. U+2020 = †

Yes, it was because I needed to type a dagger.

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