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Bryan Kam

I'm not sure Foucault's Madness and Civilization is insightful enough to warrant how awful it is to read. Is this intellectual cowardice? Or is it reasonable to require the quality of ideas to be commensurate with how unpleasant they are to encounter?

Back at the Effective Altruism Hotel in Blackpool just for one night. I may try to write about it if the residents are OK with it. It's a great idea and an interesting place

A fantastically beautiful and evocative interview of Dan Gunn by Lydia Davis. Her short stories are brilliant, but it makes me want to read more of their books...

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Interesting article on the making of Bojack Horseman, which if you've not seen it is well worth a watch.

Enjoyed this podcast on Bayesian thinking among other things, though I'd be interested in a more concrete written guide as I found it hard to work through an example myself. Anyone have a guide?

Perhaps intuitive but an interesting study nonetheless on walking eight minutes to acutely raise creativity

Hi everyone! I'm back after a few pretty wretched days in Blackpool Vic hospital of all places

At a talk on "The Healing Potential of Magic Mushrooms" with a therapist and one of the 20 participants in the highly promising study of using psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression that was done in the UK a few years ago. May write about it soon... Really interesting.

@emaree Hey, just wanted to thank you for turning me onto this Learning to Learn coursera course! It's not only really useful and thought-provoking in and of itself, but it's very related to some thinking I'm doing at the moment regarding mental illness. Cheers!

The reason I'm asking about Effective Altruism is because they've got this in the UK: They're doing a series of retreats and a career week soon that are supposed to be about life reflection/career planning.

What do you think of Effective Altruism? Are there any EA people on here.

Thought this post was interesting about speedreading: I never got very good at any of the techniques, though some of them helped reduce my tendency to find myself gazing off into the middle distance which must be the biggest impediment to reading speed.

I briefly lived in East Anglia but I have never heard of this insane sounding game. Anyone else?

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If you're wondering why mastodon has so much negative space to the right it's because you can pin search tabs. Yeah I bet you love the design now.

@Kevinkam There's a lot of that, I think because there's a new wave of arrivals. But it also feels less like muttering to oneself in a corner somehow

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Really enjoying the "Learning How to Learn" free Coursera course, which has a big focus on reducing procrastination and coping with distractions when trying to work or study. It's so upbeat and motivating!

I wrote about the topic we've all been avoiding, The Elephant in the Brain