@dee @machado Yeah that's a good point. I suppose one argument in favour of writing bad reviews is that it might help people who agree with you find you.

@machado OK yeah I see. I assumed it was a conflict of interest.

Do you think it makes a difference if the stuff you're reviewing is for educational rather than entertainment purposes?

I guess I'm thinking that reading books can be hard, so a good review can convince you to do something you otherwise wouldn't. Whereas the bad review would just reinforce the default of not reading.

Then again, maybe it's a related problem if there are too many games to ever play.

@machado Not familiar with gamergate. But is the issue with the fact that the reviews were positive, or the publications, or what? I'm interested in whether one should write negative reviews on a personal level rather than at an industry level

@kureshii It seems to have a lot of semi-redundant features, and to be going through quite rapid change at the moment. Do you mainly put info in notes? Or do you use calls/activities/conversations?

I've previously thought about this question, whether there's a moral cost to indulging one's dislike or hatred for something through vitriol, how that weighs up against saving other people's time.

My recent thinking has been that it's hard enough to get the motivation to read/experience difficult stuff so better to err on the side of the (more difficult to write, as most of those writers note) positive review.

@Elmkast Consider reading Starting Strength, if you're able not to take it as gospel

After thinking for years that I needed to take better notes on what was going on with friends, reading this finally got me to try it out. sivers.org/dbt Basically I set up MonicaHQ in Docker. Does anyone else do something similar?

@Elmkast What kind of exercise are you doing? After doing nothing for much of my life I got really into weightlifting (first olympic-style, then power lifting) and I really enjoy it.

@nindokag Thanks for reading andfor the encouragement :) I'm still at it! 56,557 so far.

I'm not finding that coffee makes much of a difference to creativity, but not having it for those first 1000 words is a form of motivation! Let me know if you do try it :)

@msweet Thank you! Are you writing a novel at the moment?

I've written 42,903 words of a novel draft in 3 weeks and here's what I've learned so far bit.ly/writing-at-speed

@pnathan Right, makes sense.

Zen is an aspect of Buddhism I know little about, having spent most of my time in that area learning about Theravada and various bits of Tibetan.

@machado Thanks for explaining. Yeah I thought that the decriminalisation had been a success.

Interesting to hear what it was like before that.

London there's more needles and crack pipes now than there were a few years ago, it feels like, though I don't know the stats.

@machado Ah ok, interesting.

What caused the last heroin epidemic? The decriminalisation of drugs?

@pnathan I agree that the talent doesn't have to be much. Although I've also been thinking lately that the growth mindset is only optimal if you truly are capable of growth. I may never become a great singer, regardless of effort; that may be a good place to adopt a fixed mindset.

Could you say more about the understanding of how to improve?

I agree that mediocrity in all things is not desirable, but I also believe the dose makes the poison in most cases. Pursuit of a goal to starvation, e.g.

I've been thinking a lot about mastery lately. Mastering ideas, concepts, or skills, to reach a high level, or new insights.

I think of mastery per se as a worthy goal, but a friend has argued that it can indicate obsession or compulsion, and he thinks high-level mastery is sometimes pathogenic.

Do you have a view on mastery, whether good or bad? For the purposes of this question, let's say mastering that has a neutral impact on the world, like privately learning an idea or skill.

@richard I agree. It seems to mostly have positive benefits. The past week and a half I've been aiming to write 2000 words per day. I do not find that if I have my first cup of coffee at the 0, 1000, or 2000 word mark makes much difference to how good the writing is, but it does affect how quickly I can do it.

@machado For me it varies, when I'm in an office where it's on tap I drink a lot. But I haven't been in that situation for a few years.

Right now I drink probably 1-3 cups per day. I grind it and make it with aerorpress, french press, or stovetop espresso, which is the strongest.

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