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No senses playing by the rules when the adversary won't. Also it's wartime.

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Hey guys, @zacharius and I are considering expanding the feed fox bot @RBU_RSS_BOT to harvest interesting links for compilation. So if you share a link you think might be good fodder for a weekly link compilation post (besides members' blog posts) tag it when you share. Vague idea is to do a Sunday libks roundup post on ribbonfarm with recent blog posts by community members as well as links we share.

Woke up early. Went for a run. Trying to focus on the pleasant feeling of alertness and not the horrible wheezing.

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"... the astonishing fact is that this botnet was, inadvertently, performing brute-force attacks against SATCOM modems located onboard an in-flight aircraft."

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@britt Works well linux too! I'm using it right now

Whalebird seems to be a nice, free desktop Mastodon client for Mac if anyone is looking for one.

@vgr ok so I bought iPad and Pencil. Any drawing or diagramming apps you particularly like?

Found this on here a few days ago, maybe from @thegibson ?¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now I want to build one.

The levels of hell are delineated with IAM policies.

Scientology e-meter tear-down. Fascinating how over-specced this thing is for basically doing nothing.

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Web 3.0 is bigger than blockchain. The way I'm thinking about it at the moment is, web 2.0's relationship with media is what web 3.0's relationship with power will be

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@britt @rustyswarf

Plausible deniability with humans would’ve been easy. I’d have slipped a maintenance guy a few bucks. Wires would have gotten accidentally crossed in the thruster controls during a routine repair, and hey, a phase-locked wave damper would have turned into a resonance amplifier. The logs would show an honest mistake.

The problem was, the A6 maintenance robot was not human. Worse, only the DeepGenie platform AI could dispatch an A6.

How do you trick a mind you can’t grok?

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3 golden tickets to ribbonfarm blogging course Show more

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reading this article, it occurred to me that we should build a federated calendar service to break free of google's monopoly

Siri is just fucking with me.

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Though, also, depending on what you do, at some level you can just tell them to fuck off. If they only own a convertible note and you _could_ pay it if called, what are they going to do if they don't like your strategy? Nothing.