What do people have against green onion tops? Every recipe, “only the whites and light green bits”. The green bits are delicious.

Dispensaries should call their shoppers custoners.

Willpower is confusing. Just by the sound of it seems related to will but the will is an active force. Commonly when we talk about willpower we mean restraint, resistance to temptation. Will pushes forward and willpower resists.

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One of the weirdest parts of the great man theory of history is that you get a really weird picture of what people were up to. Like, okay, the youth in the 1960s were hippies and were then the establishment of the 1980s who... voted for Regan?

Nope, different people. There were very few hippies around. The week Gimme Shelter was released, it didn’t chart very high. The music that was really everywhere? Sugar Sugar by the Archies.

On another channel someone pointed out that I should read the reviews. They tell you exactly what kind of people need a dot matrix printer in 2018.

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Amazon just advertised this to me. OkiData still exists? Why in the hell are they still making dot matrix printers?

Oki MICROLINE 320 Turbo Mono Dot Matrix Printer (62411601) amazon.com/dp/B00004Z9BS/ref=c

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Death of Stalin: A+


Less cringe than Veep or In the Loop but I'm a good way.

Please stop leaving things as an exercise for the reader, or maybe just do it and don’t talk about it. Readers that need to be told they have to work something out on their own are never going to do it anyway.

I hit "forgot password" and immediately received an email with my password in plaintext.


Found on Facebook. Twitter is birdsite. Do we have a pejorative for Facebook?

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GDRP first blood! This mechanism of individual requests/delete actions is begging for a DDoS exploit. If 1000 people demand such deletion, I'll lose several days complying. Hope Mailchimp and other services automate this stuff more.

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I just read SQLite's new code of conduct sqlite.org/codeofconduct.html

Can't wait to make my first pull request and it gets held up while the code reviewer attempts to verify whether I "denied myself in order to follow Christ" (point 10) and whether I am "a stranger to the world's ways" (point 20)

This seems like some very next-level trolling

Got my first unsolicited dick pic recently.

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