On another channel someone pointed out that I should read the reviews. They tell you exactly what kind of people need a dot matrix printer in 2018.

Amazon just advertised this to me. OkiData still exists? Why in the hell are they still making dot matrix printers?

Oki MICROLINE 320 Turbo Mono Dot Matrix Printer (62411601) amazon.com/dp/B00004Z9BS/ref=c

@vgr jq is kind of an awk for JSON, but not as horrible as awk

@duane probably but much less so given the low frequency of transactions and higher costs and friction of the transaction.

Fewer data points makes it a lower quality signal. Also the payouts are very different. Long term and short term rentals have similar downside costs but very different upside profits. Long term rental is much higher friction and cost for both parties. So for instance, legal action makes sense whereas itay not for a short term.

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@vgr did you ever watch Cleverman? I started it and I don't whether I like it or not. It feels like a 90s low budget sci-fi show in a lot of ways, which is really what's keeping me interested.

@vgr @Harry_Pottash the US does a good job at pretty much everything if there's enough money in it.

A lot of Euros don't seem to get the split between US high and low end goods.

Death of Stalin: A+


Less cringe than Veep or In the Loop but I'm a good way.

@necopinus I watched it when it aired and even then it felt like a throwback

@nindokag windows is awful pretty much every dimension except number of games you can play and Linux is not as pleasant. Apple is luxury Unix.

@vgr oh I know. It’s just a annoying pseudo-academic tick. Every piece with this line would be better without it. Literally just without. It can always be deleted without losing clarity.

Please stop leaving things as an exercise for the reader, or maybe just do it and don’t talk about it. Readers that need to be told they have to work something out on their own are never going to do it anyway.

I hit "forgot password" and immediately received an email with my password in plaintext.


@msweet I read @necopinus original toot as the standard dictionary definition, "pursuit of the pleasures of the senses". I have the same regret. Honestly, I was way too sensible and it did not profit me enough to be worth it.

@johnhenry my scale is probably

- whisky
- coffee
- black tea
- green/herbal tea
- coffee
- whisky

@johnhenry you forgot whisky.

If green tea is the best, and coffee obviously the worst (for you) where do the other two rank?

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