@BruceJia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you can cut those birds off pretty easily

What do people have against green onion tops? Every recipe, “only the whites and light green bits”. The green bits are delicious.

@ye @vgr mastodon feels a lot like IRC in some ways. You need something from outside the channel to bring you in.

@bkam @machado caffeine and other stimulants do put your brain on rails a bit. Maybe the creativity effect is worse if you are sensitive to caffeine.

@bkam @machado I quit for six months. The first week is brutal. Step down consumption slowly and take something for the headaches. Afterward though I have to say I did not notice a huge difference. I eventually went back to drinking coffee. Though I did drastically lower my overall consumption, 5+ cups per day to 1-2.

@vgr my first encounter with secret history, and I’d bet the coinage of the term, or at least what made it cool amazon.com/Lipstick-Traces-His

@vgr what I was trying to say was that 80% of pricing a new product is understanding how your customers perceive the value of your product. Whatever pricing you come up with must be in line with this value (perceived) or it will feel weird to them.

Dispensaries should call their shoppers custoners.

@vgr s/you/your customers/ and you've learned 80% of the theory of pricing novel products

@vgr if you need help I know a guy on clarity who is an expert 🤣

@nindokag @Elmkast I wish someone had explained this to me. I’ve done a fair amount of R and always found it extremely frustrating compared to other languages.

Willpower is confusing. Just by the sound of it seems related to will but the will is an active force. Commonly when we talk about willpower we mean restraint, resistance to temptation. Will pushes forward and willpower resists.

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One of the weirdest parts of the great man theory of history is that you get a really weird picture of what people were up to. Like, okay, the youth in the 1960s were hippies and were then the establishment of the 1980s who... voted for Regan?

Nope, different people. There were very few hippies around. The week Gimme Shelter was released, it didn’t chart very high. The music that was really everywhere? Sugar Sugar by the Archies.

@BillSeitz @vgr @johnhenry this falls under the service thesis. Before that Zawinksi’s law. In general I find Apple software of highly variable quality. The OS’s and some other programs like keynote are excellent. iTunes is a ridiculous chimera, and other things are just crap. Better than the alternative where the crap software is at the OS layer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or the other alternative, where the OS is great but God help you if you want to use anything with a GUI.

@moltensteel sure but they enjoy other things too. Why did it pick this one thing to deliver?

@vgr @johnhenry I think that's more of it. They're awful at services. It doesn't help that for a long time they didn't care. iCloud was originally built by Oracle for God's sake.

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