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Seen on Reddit: r/Linux "which sea of Linux do you belong to?" :)

There are only two hard problems in autonomous vehicles:
1) You're dealing with million-to-one cases.
2) There are a million of them.


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I want to build a full-text scraper / indexer of the Mastodon Fediverse. It will of course be called LaBrea.

@Mastodon 's search feature has a long way to go. If you want help on that hit me up.

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Actually it’s not all in my head. I think there are clear signs the US has temporarily been written off by the rest of the world until it has leadership that can be taken more seriously.

A programmer walks into a Punjabi restaurant but he has no cash. So he orders a chicken curry, extra rice, and a NaN. The waiter makes an exception and he doesn’t get charged a thing.

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We almost had nuclear war several times because of faulty equipment, false alarms, and a bear that crashed a Soviet fence

There’s your answer to the Fermi Paradox: Billions of clueless bears

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@bueno @vgr @james the Haitian revolution is fascinating. The lens of big whites and small whites is also a pretty useful model.

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@bueno not in my keyboard. even better

The biggest lies are the ones you never notice. Zoom is not CTRL+, it's CTRL=.

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Beautiful description of mp3 compression.

"The filter bank worked on sound the way a prism worked on light" 🔊🌈

The missing feature of Mastodon is the notifications tab. Vanity metrics feed vanity feed usage. Otherwise you feel you are just tooting into the void.

@vgr Now you have me tweetstorming. Internet hot-take punditry is the artificial frosting of writing. But damn me if sometimes a lick of frosting doesn't taste very good.


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The AI wars are all about seizing the means of induction. Hmm. might be a post in that.

If programming has a signature occupational disease, it's not carpal tunnel or social awkwardness. It's our uncritical belief that building complex systems automatically entitles us to also understand them.

TIL of Alves dos Reis, who forged papers ordering the printing of massive amounts of *legitimate* Portuguese currency from the official printer, pocketed 25% of it, and spent the rest on land, buildings, businesses, etc. He single-handedly caused an inflationary economic boom. He was only caught when it was noticed that some bills had duplicate serial numbers.


Strangely, the text shows to logged-out users, by my images do not.