If programming has a signature occupational disease, it's not carpal tunnel or social awkwardness. It's our uncritical belief that building complex systems automatically entitles us to also understand them.

@bueno the first rule of complex systems club is; you do not talk about complex systems club ;-P

@strypey @bueno this is being weirdly undermined by the new "AI professionals". Now it's, "we don't understand why, but it works"

@neeshter @bueno my (limited) understanding of machine learning ("AI") is that it develops systems by sort of feeding themselves back to themselves, like generating a fractal. No wonder the result is totally non-linear, like you'd expect from a human-designed system

@bueno this just got 1000x more relevant in the wake of #ForkOff

@bueno When I was writing software for industrial robots often the technicians who used them would end up knowing more about how the software worked than I did.
@bueno It's also like being a writer. You can write a book and think you know what it was about, but then readers can have lots of other interpretations.

@bueno the profession also shows us that even systems that are supposedly completely deterministic can be very hard to understand, from which, if we are lucky, we learn some humility. How much more humble must we then be in the face of organic, stochastic, evolved systems!

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