cyberpunk yid

Hey people!

So basically I'm trying to understand the world, and the directions it could conceivably go in my lifetime. After much effort and frustration, I'm learning that I may be consigned to living in perpetual bewilderment, which I regret because I'm 25 and in the process of making a series of important personal and professional decisions.
ribbonfarm has definitely helped me reframe things in a productive way, so I look forward to wise toots from sage @vgr and his crew


Totally understand how you feel, though I think there's not really any way to figure it out. Just maintain optionality.

@jamescgibson ya, future gazing beyond a couple years out has been much less productive than I hoped. Oh well, and hurrah for optionality! still, sometimes I'm tempted to exchange optionality for at least the illusion of certainty (mostly via communities with high cost of participation, sometimes through distraction). I should probably take a break from this impasse and come back to it in a year or two

@cyberpunkyid What do you mean by "via communities with high cost of participation"? Like doing a university degree?

Honestly, the more I've looked at the world - and I get the feeling we've probably been on a pretty similar journey (I'm also 25) - I'm convinced the best thing to be ready for 2020 and 2025 and 2030 is to amass capital, as quickly as possible.


I typed more than anticipated, DM'd you about all my psychological quirks lol

As far as strategy for the future, I came to a similar conclusion. In addition to the capital thing, I became an israeli citizen. And my roommate is temporarily moving to a country in south america to become a permanent resident

@cyberpunkyid @vgr if you aren't bewildered by life regularly you probably aren't getting out

it still blows my mind how basically anyone can pilot around death machines as a mode of transport

@mamizou @vgr
in my case I think getting out would've tamed my stupid analytical drive. instead I pored over all the recesses of twitter. for me it seems easier to conceptualize dangers when I encounter them on the internet. im more of a regular person in my human presentation mode

and semantics matter more than I used to think. what if Ford had to market their products as death machines?

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