A buried lead that works fantastically. Start by explaining how grid cells work, generalize to other parts of the neocortex, conclude by proposing that the strictly hierarchical model of neural connectivity is wrong and that the brain apprehends an object through a consensus process among multiple modules ("columns") that each produce a spatially complete representation.

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When the chick-fil-a cows ask me not to eat them they are forcing me to acknowledge that eating them is an option. They are requiring me to define my ethical boundaries

But are cows the only other conscious beings in the chick-fil-a cinematic universe? Are the chickens not also aware?

"Please don't eat us" is very different from "eat them not us".

Would the chicken request me to eat the fish?

How can I eat anyone who asks me not to?

Chick-fil-a employee: ...So a large coke?

Structured plans can protect unstructured time. For example, I have a plan to "go <somewhere>" but leave unspecified what I do when I am there. Stable, social identities are built off of structured habits that then provide license to engage in preferred varieties of unstructured time. Unstructured time gives rise to newly conceived structured plans. When this balance goes awry, it may be time to go cold (lock in structure) or go hot (discard all plans).

Unstructured days gain from randomness. A free schedule feeds back into a desire for unpredictability. It's hard to beat this instinct out of someone who has developed it.

"That which is beautiful is not necessarily good. That which is beautiful is not necessarily good. That is... beautiful... what was I saying again?"

Longevity studies done on captive chimps are severely limited, however. Dominance could be less of a protection against bad feels and more of a protection against being murdered

The world of conscious control (CC) is filled with causal relations, manipulable objects and category-based simplifications. CC is bad at understanding how meaning can be possible when life is no longer under one's control. (The "CC = left-brain" equivalence has been argued for: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mast)

Does anyone know if the idea of linguistic relativity (language influences thought) has been applied to programming languages? I just finished a stint programming in a graphical, data flow-driven language (LabVIEW) and am curious how my cognition might have been affected.

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My daughter has started a story and ‘Rebecca’ no longer has the greatest opening lines in literature.

Ego has bad PR. I worry that this imposes a blind spot on our thinking. What are some cases in which having too small of an ego is bad? What are some cases in which a large ego is good?

An old professor in science adds a "machine learning" section to their course (as opposed to the quoteless machine learning) and I am tempted to audit just to hear about their justification for the quotes.

Not trying to be ageist but I've heard too many knee-jerk uninformed reactions from old scientists that I crave a more well-reasoned epistemological stance that is also rooted in an older intellectual tradition

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Pokémon was honestly years ahead of it's time by not only inventing cloud storage but also noting that it's just someone else's computer.

Take all your passive consumption activities and double their quality. How much more time would you spend on them?

As we come to understand more about the neural correlates of pleasure, hedonistic engineering will become more exact and reliable. Some people will be solved, others will remain unsolved. The distinction between the two may end up being something banal like innate disposition.

A harsh teacher is often just the lawyer for your future self.

Biomedical research is driven by large labs that are buoyed by a positive feedback loop of resource acquisition. I shudder at the thought of being a leader of such a group. Humans are a resource. The less I have to live that reality, the more at peace with myself I can be.

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