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Derek @dereklh

What is one common skill that people take for granted today that will decline in the future?

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handwriting, perhaps later on writing itself

@brin "page" might increasingly refer to an abstraction, just like bookmarks are now my browser's saved websites

@dereklh not writing, but typing on a keyboard

@dereklh driving is the main obvious one

@dereklh the option to passively consume and trust information

@Elmkast perhaps to be replaced with acting as therapist to sick AIs?

@dereklh lol maybe, or just going to the apple store 😩

@dereklh Invert the question: what skills once widely practiced have now died out? Why?

I'll also suggest driving. I'm not sure if handwriting or yping is more likely to die -- keyboards are useful for device inputs, but script-input (remember Palm's Grafiti, anyone) has use cases.

Possibly: navigating consumer-relationship nightmares: researching purchases, refunds, healthcare, retirement funds. Or not.

Computer/device maintenance?

@dredmorbius @dereklh I think typing is more likely to die first. It's already being replaced by touch-screen-input methods with young people, and it was utilitarian from the start.

Typing is keyboard/language dependent, but calligraphy is practiced in many languages and alphabets. Also some calligraphers still actually chisel letters in stone, which is a marketable skill. Public places and businesses have needed big, clear, durable signs made ever since literacy became common.

@dereklh Romantic and sexual interaction with other human beings, and also having families / parenting.

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@dereklh @dredmorbius Now that I've thought about it for some time, honestly? Journalism.

As in actual, respectable, societally beneficial journalism. The kind of journalism whose merit unironically and unequivocally grants it the title of fourth estate of democracy. The kind of journalism that actually informs the public, instead of manipulating public curiosity to the benefit of governmental powers and corporate interests.

I need at least 1000 more characters for this. Or 2000 maybe. *sigh*

@alcinnz Those *are not* my thoughts, but I'm bookmarking that video for later watching. Not promising anything though.

@FerdiZ I didn't mean to imply such, but I now see how I did.

But do watch, they're great!

@dereklh Driving cars XD

I can't wait! :D

</person who can't drive XD >