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Derek @dereklh

It still blows my mind that mitochondria were once prokaryotic cells that were swallowed up, harnessed for energy, duplicated and then slowly streamlined as more and more of their native functions were transferred to the host eukaryotic cell. Biology perfected the art of M&A before primates in suits ever walked the planet

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@dereklh they got their own dna too... that shits crazy to me

Is this the most accepted model? I remember there being another one, but this one being more plausible

@SilencingTrees For about forty years it has been. In 1982, it was contentious enough for reviews of the literature to be relatively even-handed. In 1992, most of the field agreed it was likely to be true. Most of the current discussion is centered on specific mechanisms by which it happened and when.

@dereklh Ah, thanks for your input! Cell biology was never my preferred field despite having quite a few classes on it, so I'm relatively rusty. I remember finding the topic of mitochondria fascinating though, mostly because of what you discussed

@dereklh And plants swallowed up both mitochondria *and* chloroplasts!

Vicious . . .