so I like domestic cozy but it doesn't account for a lot of Gen Z culture. like the punchline of this video is some serious zoomer shit:

it has to do with like, controlled exposure to weirdness:

Specifics are overrides to our default assumptions, and apply to the models we use to make predictions about the world (fictional world or in "real" contexts like "the world of fashion" or "the cutthroat business world"), and about people/animals/things (aka stereotypes)

Scenes exist within the context of our normal reality, so they inherit all of the rules of that reality. The "Specifics" of the scene override those rules. AKA "in the world of this scene, it is normal for people to walk backwards".

"Character" is also defined by specifics. This Man -> is a policeman -> who lives alone with his dog -> who studies coding at night. This is true of Character in general: "A Bike" vs "a rusty red children's bike from the 50s with a banana seat and training wheels"

The world created in the scene is created by consensus of the players. "yes, and" does not literally mean that you have to say yes to things, only that you adopt the specifics the other player has introduced into the rules of the world you've created together

Improv theater is basically a game of games. While there's a variant called "game improv" thats explicitly just games (like "Who's line is it anyway"), scene based improv is structured within "formats", which sets up rules for the "players" to "play" within, and players are constantly on the lookout for the "game of the scene" which is basically the process of finding a set of rules/patterns within the scene and then testing/amplifying/exploring those boundaries.

Does anyone have any tips on how to transition to freelance work / "free agency"?

anyone got an opinion on the Forte Labs "Building a Second Brain" course? I'm trying to justify forking over the $500

So I read Ian Chengs Emmisary's Guide to Worlding and this technique of using Johnstone-style "masks" to embody different aspects of the worldbuilding process strikes me as similar to some ideas in this "psychonaut field manual" my brother sent me awhile ago: (yes it's a deviantart link 😅). It's sortof like a spiritually agnostic guide to occult/"magick" techniques.

Anyone know of hybrid design/development roles or front-end developer roles in Seattle? Or just gigs designing and building websites. I got let go yesterday ☠️

My 7 yo niece has apparently never heard of the concept of an album: "Why are you listening to the same guy over and over?"

I wonder if this fox/hedgehog divide is just describing people who have ADHD vs people who default to deep focus. Apparently there's basically no examples of successful people with ADHD who also take medication for it, which makes sense if it's an effective alternate strategy for thinking (like how left handed people are better in fights)

I see this every day and I hate it. What in the hell is a "grit score" and why does everyone except for "gravel" and two dogs have an insanely high score?

so in the breaking smart course @vgr mentioned, if i'm understanding this correctly, that WW1 & 2 can be thought of as a (necessary?) part of or extension of technological revolutions (and the great weirding as part of the software revolution). Does anyone know which specific technologies lead to WW1 & 2 in this context?

Are life coaches worth it? Or do I just need therapy? 😆

I read keith johnstone's impro, which was pretty good, but in a moment of insanity i signed up for an improv class and now i'm stuck "yes and"ing stories about elephants in ice skates and striking funny poses (which is hard to do when you specifically don't have a sense of humor). I can feel them trying to break my spirit.

I live full time in Seattle now if anyone is around

Check out my demo album:

I wrote a bunch of songs about lonliness, anomie, and trying to figure out what I want from life over the last couple years. I took the ribbonfarm writing course but I apparently can't write essays, so... if you don't mind low production value lyric heavy check it out

~30 minutes total

Now my life is "back to normal" but it seems extremely strange that I've been unable to incorporate anything from all of that "soul searching" into my life. Going back to being a designer at a startup is like stepping back into a zombie timeline or something

I was also caught up in specific details about the stressful situation I was in that I thought were specific to me, but I feel like I was discounting the charged atmosphere that was obviously the root cause of it.

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