Startup Idea: debt collector blockchain where the right to collect debt is bought and sold. No way to double-spend the right & create fraudulent situation. If you're really savvy, buy your own debt & mark it as paid! (Has this been done before?) Inspired by the fan-out sale of debt at the core of this story:

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We govern society today in the same way that a human governs his or her body: ignorantly.

A man wakes up one day to find his cells have rebelled against him--cancer. How could this happen? I eat vegetables daily and exercise every week.

A government wakes up one day to find its citizens have rebelled against it--revolution. How could this happen? My deficit is low and my gross domestic product has never been higher.

My attempt at defining Blockchain for policy makers in Africa:

Blockchain: A computer network designed to transparently and resiliently store short sequences of data, validate shared rules, and exchange economic value. A blockchain is unique because it distributes the balance of power equally among all participants, such that no single entity can unfairly take advantage of the others. The size of the network shrinks and grows based on economic demand for its services.

God and Money are social technologies. They are largely responsible for our species' success as ultra-cooperators.

Wherever there is cooperation, there is a tension between individual and group needs. This tension causes us to weave in and out of honor (virtue, wealth) and shame (sin, debt).

A Universal Basic Income is the secular equivalent of ritual forgiveness (e.g Catholic Eucharist). It is a monthly release from (some) financial obligation simply for being a part of society.

I think alternative healing arts like Body Talk, Muscle Testing, Essential Oils, and Tapping are symptoms of our western medical establishment fulfilling only about 70% of people's needs. The remaining 30% of getting better is about **care**, and having someone look you in the eyes and inquire deeply into your wellbeing. When we were unable to measure the effect of a doctor caring for a patient (i.e. "placebo"), we built a system of brief, efficient encounters that largely left it out.

I'm kind of fascinated by the phenomenon of "worst-case interpretations" taking over the world as the internet forces intimacy across oceans.

PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction
PCR: Partial Cellular Reprogramming
Exciting things in biology start with "PCR," apparently.

"All that matters is this: for everyone who gets purged for a slight infraction, there are dozens who learn from this example never to stand up to the ideology, dozens who learn that they can attack with impunity if they use the ideology to do it..."

Being "closed minded" is rarely a personality trait, and is usually a cultural trait. Some cultures demand that individual thinking be placed on the altar of sacrifice in exchange for acceptance and inclusion.

"The Restaurant of Order Mistakes" hires people with Dementia in Japan. Fascinating how (American?) people hate it from both sides: disgust at elevating incompetence, outrage that victims are made a spectacle. (see comments).

"A Hegelian solution is quite simple though — to incentivize the production and distribution as the definition of wealth, rather than it being the result of a transaction. Capitalists see production as being easy, but distribution as being hard. Socialists see distribution as being easy, but production as being hard. This is the grievance both sides have with each other, and here is how to fix it."

I'm a lot healthier in Utah than in Illinois. I've had far fewer colds, flus, weird skin diseases (like HFMD) per year. I'm averaging about 1 per year in Utah, and about 4 per year in Illinois.

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Another conversation tends to go like this:

"Put your pants on"
"you can't go outside with no pants on"
"because... other parents will judge me"

and there we have it, the real reason for about 75% of everything we do as parents.

Companies need users, and then they need revenue; this leads to classic bait-and-switch SaaS model that undermines user privacy, user-product alignment, and other issues. Shareware was a financial model that seemed to preserve trust and alignment over the long run. Are there any other models that work/worked?

If religious sects were Word documents, they would follow the form: JesusChrist__FINAL_FINALFINAL_1820FINAL_1967FINAL_ABSOLUTEFINAL_ABSOLUTEFINAL2.doc

Hence the longstanding perception that government has failed us in America.

When western society secularized god to form governments, we tacitly created the expectation that government ought to care about individuals, like god did. "Success," then, for a western government is a government perceived to care about and love you, individually.

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