Hi everyone! I live in Maine, USA. I have worked on software for a long time and currently run a cyber security consulting firm called Kindly Ops. I have a soft spot for federated / distributed systems and open source. I am interested in group cognition and mental health, and anxiously await when AI turns criminal.

@elliot hello Elliot, Welcome to fediverse.

Glad to know about you

@elliot I'd love to hear more about "group cognition." What are you learning, and where are you going with it?

@duane initially got interested in cynevin / complex adaptive systems and then the book cognition in the wild ignited my imagination. Currently trying to use these ideas along with quantitative risk measurement techniques (FAIR) in my consulting work to help teams survive in the face of large regulatory frameworks which are otherwise a hydra too big to fight. Trying to introduce small elements into orgs in order to influence decision making.

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