Mou is one of the most fascinating philosophers of the 20th century, imho:

“God’s will” or “come what fortune gives”---
Or is this truly how you’d choose to live:
Managing the narrative?

Sometimes we sell our very outness to the holders of power. To keep proximity and access, we hand them our presence and our visibility to exploit. We’re here, we’re queer. We’re useful.

@adrianmryan if Aaron Helton hits you up, it's cause I pointed him your way. He's great.

What did you all like best/least about Sense8? About Global Frequency?

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actually, systemd is the name of the inventor. you‘re thinking of systemd‘s monster.

welp, first time I've been close enough to witness a ransomware payout. Regular backups, people, regular backups.

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More data cleaning horror stories:

an empty address field gets turned into a null, which gets turned into a Python None, which gets turned into the string "None", which is then turned via Google Maps API geocoding into "44.934329, 7.5238781".

That is the latitude and longitude of "None", a small town southwest of Turin, Italy. 🤦

Day 7. I keep returning to this collection of poetry. It helps train the senses.

7 books that influenced me, day 6: Spinoza's Ethics.

I made a coat of arms a couple years ago and my motto was "Nescimus quid corpus efficere posit", which translates as a paraphrase of Spinoza: "We do not know what a body can do."

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