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Contributing to Humanity is seeing (or mirage-ing) the goalpost-like constellations in stars, data, or markets and then building meaningful games for others so that they want to build ships to take you there.

If successful, you either get there or quietly start searching for new constellations to guide these built ships.

In research: it's a Nature paper or a fodder for a new grant

Startups: it's unicorns or pivots

Failures are variants of abandoned PhDs or zombie startups.

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@vgr you should not think when you are satisfied with the meaning that's been created for you.

Thinking is an evolutionary adaptation (speculation) to belay insanity for a system that can recognise objects.

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@vgr in healing chronic situations for very intelligent folk. At some point thinking can get you no further and it becomes time to feel something to move forward. This is modern day alchemy.

head of product for a conversational AI company doing care management (AI in healthcare).

here at ribbonfarm for the postrationality, legibility, etc

in my free time, working on becoming a postmodern propagandist, studying the history of depression, medical perception, power, bayesian inference, tacit knowledge, and disembodiment / dissubjectivity of human health.

I write a newsletter about this but you can find me on twitter for that link

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