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I just like, really, really love bikes and trains.

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“Patterns of Software” explores the work of the architect Christopher Alexander as it relates to the creation of software.

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@aRandomCat @vgr /cc @jamescgibson - this seems like an interesting principle for the distributed systems pattern language we were talking about.

I could see it also being one of the core threads about that explosion of interesting things in the early 2000s in Ruby too...

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WebDiplomacy is up!

The game can be found here: webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gam

@Pancort @Elmkast @hewhocutsdown @jamescgibson @dehowell @jgl

It looks like I can't add people, so please join at the link. The password is "futurenausea".

The name is a typo that I just ran with, so all posts after this one about Diplomacy will need to be CW'd behind "" to keep things weird on the ole' federation.

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actually, systemd is the name of the inventor. you‘re thinking of systemd‘s monster.

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@dehowell @Elmkast @jamescgibson @hewhocutsdown @Pancort Hey guys sorry been real busy this week! I'll try to get to this in a day or two. I think we still need 1 more player to make a game?

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some ways of discovering interesting pages on a domain, with ribbonfarm as an example. would love to hear yours 😃

sort by captures on the wayback machine: web.archive.org/web/*/ribbonfa*

twitter search: twitter.com/search?q=ribbonfar

pocket explore: getpocket.com/explore/ribbonfa

reddit sort by votes: old.reddit.com/domain/ribbonfa

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More data cleaning horror stories:

an empty address field gets turned into a null, which gets turned into a Python None, which gets turned into the string "None", which is then turned via Google Maps API geocoding into "44.934329, 7.5238781".

That is the latitude and longitude of "None", a small town southwest of Turin, Italy. 🤦


Any recommendation for a textbook on introduction to automatic theorem proving?

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Currently reformulating the placeholder for my editorial services (see here: swellandcut.com/editorial). Would welcome comments on what’s currently there, but also I’m on the lookout for people willing to critique a new value proposition I’m drafting.

DM me if interested :)

Do people _want_ their employment to provide more than cash and a sense of excellence?

"Company culture" seems like bullshit to me. Companies have process, they have power structures. But "culture"?

What am I missing?

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Soliciting: your favorite academic paper that’s comprehensible for any generally educated reader. Post as separate tweet, not as reply.

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Make science fiction asimovian again

Addendum: I use "y'all" unironically and regardless of level of formality; I forget that this is not common.


Old thought I'm sure - but VC investment does provide a strong and useful social signal that helps employees, business customers separate wheat from chaff.

Were I to bootstrap, I'd almost want to try to raise a tiny amount - just $10,000 or $25,000 - from a well-known angel just for the social proof.

I'm wondering if there's any reasonable alternative.

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This morning met an... interesting and eccentric gentleman at a local meetup.

He's in his late 70s, previously earned several patents, cofounded a 'household'-name software biz, etc.

Now he seems to be on about a divinely-inspired project that seems to be part programming language, part woo, part timecube.

I really don't know what to make of it.

Hi I'm a software developer / startup founder with a math / stats / finance background and an unhealthy obsession with old maps and land use documents.