I used to tutor a lot. I enjoyed tutoring because it let me build a mental model of how my student -thought- something worked, and then debug that. Debugging models in someone else's head.

It now seems like I'm running into people who don't even bother to construct models at all. And it makes me angry.


For who I get angry at? Mostly business people. I'm "technical " andrk with a lot of "non-technical" folks.

Many of them - people with C titles - ask questions that make it clear they haven't even attempted to make a mental model about the subject.

I have very high patientce for folks who are trying but not understanding, but I've lost all tolerance for folks who don't even try.

@vgr would probably just laugh at me though given his posts on CEOs.

@jamescgibson @vgr Having started out in education (though not planning to stay for life) I don't have a good sense of what C-folks are like Without a mental model, what's their decision-making process like? @vgr's posts didn't have many anecdotes, heh.


The ones I respect are very analytical. I think I've been surprised at the vartiety.

Same with schools, even. Sure there's more smart folks at top 10 schools but ... I've met plenty of alums who were thoroughly average.



The worst of them seem to literally process jargon terms / buzzwords as just tokens. Like, they appear to not even comprehend that there is a deeper thing under the layer of abstraction they've chosen to talk about.

@jamescgibson @vgr I've met students like that, who just seem to want to know the different ways a word can be used and then learn possible answers, rather than build a mental model. Old habits die hard?

Even prestigious schools follow Sturgeon’s Law, I guess, heh.

@kureshii Hah, thanks for mentioning that... had not seen Sturgeon's Law. That's great. Absolutely true.

@jamescgibson 😂 This is where I tell myself to differentiate between people who are just fighting to win, and those who are fighting to make better decisions. Engage the former with extreme caution lest I get overly invested in the argument.

@kureshii Yep... if only I had more discretion in professional work on who to engage with.

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