Question: what, if any, small private domestic hobbies do you pursue besides cooking/baking? Creative activities whose output only cohabiting close friends and family get to see?

Playing music -- sometimes I perform at an open mic night or something but mostly the people who hear me play accordion are the people I live with.

Arts & crafts with the kid, we draw together a lot.

Painting wargames minis, which are mostly only seen by people I invite over for gaming... same for maps/illustrations/scenery used in D&D games and suchlike

not me, but i know a lot of knitters and gardeners, which sounds like it falls into this category too.


@nindokag @vgr Oh man I just got back into 40k ... what games ?

@jamescgibson I played 40k back in the day but didn't enjoy the style of the gameplay much so I mostly just painted guys (Tau, tyranids, sisters of battle)

Later I sold those armies on eBay and got into Warmachine/Hordes (Khador and Circle Orboros) which doesn't have quite as cool fluff but I enjoy actually playing it a lot more. I've also painted a squad for Infinity (Panoceania).

Of course since my daughter was born in 2016 I haven't had much time for gaming at all. Someday I will again!

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