@ykgoon Not sure "reach" is the right term there. Maybe needs an operational definition?

@machado I've been using the same standard issue Dell laser mouse since 2004, and the wheel is still going strong.

I've written 42,903 words of a novel draft in 3 weeks and here's what I've learned so far bit.ly/writing-at-speed

@Elmkast If it helps, as far as I can tell it is _always_ a shitshow.

Yep, it's definitely a delicate balance. Move too fast and you get a counter-revolution that can make things even worse.

During much of the magnificent Nina Simone's "Mississippi Goddamn" there are people chanting "too slow" in the background. I think of that whenever I am having these sorts of arguments with myself.

All the people suffering in the background because I'm too afraid of upsetting the status quo and inconveniencing those in power.

Am I working to protect the powerless against the powerful, or the opposite?

@riga Weirdly sensitive to agreeing with his/her ideas, or plans of action? Maybe a little more detail on how they are expressing it?

@scottwerner School SIS system integrations - so lots of what was incidental decisions for the original author of the software we're integrating with becomes fundamental complexity for us.

Really, though, probably 50% of our team's time is spent on external communications and requirements gathering - no language is going to solve that.

@scottwerner To reconnect to the original tweet - I think any practice that can deliver 2x speedup has a good chance of becoming "mainstream" (for lack of a better term) and widespread.

I'm not sure any new language can do that for general problems.

@scottwerner Still, today, looking at my work: I probably spend 60% of my time dealing with fundamental complexity, even if that fundamental complexity is only fundamental because of customer requirements. So I'm not hopeful for even another 2x, in the field I'm in now.

For greenfield software, I think there are good opportunities for 2x speedups. Still skeptical about 10x.

@scottwerner Yeah haha, sorry I was just being cheeky.

I'd agree between the two generations you mentioned we definitely have a 10x speedup. Not sure about 100x.

And, to be fair, I've always thought 10x was silly; a 2x improvement would be amazing - and I definitely agree the two generations you mention each brought 2x, as did cloud.

And he does, in the paper, specifically mention OO and high level languages (mentioning Ada) as hopes for Silver Bullets.

@scottwerner Actually, arguably, he was right: even if you count Java and C# as successes, Java was only 1.0 released in 1996, 10 years after the paper was published - C# not until 2000.

The C2 Wiki discussion is good - at least one comment does list Java and DotNet as silver bulletrs


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