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... can a company even prohibit someone from using a chrome extension with their product?

Are invites for this instance still open? Have a friend who would be a great community member but can't find the invite link anymore.

If your 8 year old self would find you boring and wouldn't want to hang out with you then you might have a problem on your hands.

tech nonsense 

Inspired by @natecull's post on Zettlekasten, how do you take and manage your personal notes?

It's interesting how different people find different programming paradigms intuitive. Thinking of the imperative/declarative split in particular, I wonder how much of it comes down to experience in those paradigms and what can be chalked up to more general cognition styles and personality.

The project I'm currently working on just went live.

We're fundraising for Democratic state legislative candidates in Red States, & working with a political scientist to do some unprecedented randomized, controlled studies on the effect of money in politics in the process.

Learn more about us & donate if you're so politically inclined here: .

Promise I won't post too much about this, but I've mentioned it to a few folks here who have been interested in learning more.

Hah literally posted this and then immediately see Interactive Brokers has removed their $10k minimum.

Is it inevitable that every VC backed business gets ruined?

Right now pissed at Betterment for losing their soul.

5+ years on, it seems 5 of the 6 @Pinboard Investment Co-Propsperity Cloud Companies still have live websites, and 1 of the 6 is still actively developed. Strong performance!

Ambient particulate air pollution reduces life expectancy at birth by average of 1 year, globally. Reducing particulate air pollution to WHO guideline levels would increase life expectancy as much as eliminating lung cancer and breast cancer, according to a study done by public health researchers in the US, Canada and UK.

Ambient PM2.5 Reduces Global and Regional Life Expectancy
Apte et al, 2018.

PSA: I just tried, it's great and was one click to set up. Try it out if mastodon is confusing you (like it did to me).

being annoyed at bad products 

Is there any value in physical mail for letters anymore?

TIL: The "fast" in "fast and loose" refers NOT to speed, but to fixedness.

Think "held fast", rather than "fast car".

It's from a con game where a belt is wrapped so that there are two loops through which a stick may be placed, with the mark having to choose which is "fast" (secure) and which loose (free). Pulling one end of the belt releases the stick, the other captures it.

To play "fast and loose" is to have a thing two ways, always to their advantage.

Our data scientist just called our charge code list for our case-management system "bespoke," which is the best euphemism for "almost too customized to be useful" that I've ever heard.

Even though I have absolutely no business use for a much more powerful computer, I still want one.

Like I haven't been desktop resource constrained in my work in... ever, but I still want to spend $2000 on a Threadripper setup.

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