"But in the wild everything seems so much quieter, slower. The stillness can be strange at first – and uncomfortable as there is now no background noise to blot out the thoughts racing through your head except for the occasional birdcall or rustling of the leaves. But look a little closer. There is a whole other world beneath the surface."

wish list item: filter in by expression tab with max in date range, which i can review and delete. Toots then learns my pref from deletions and retention. i can keep changing my filter in expression pref / date range.

schisms and inquisitions led to rise of leviathan, the o/s with dynamic towards singularity. AI is an outgrowth of not a competitor to the leviathan. metamorphosis not a parasite or carnivore.

Refactor Camp

Mastodon instance for attendees of Refactor Camp, and members of various online/offline groups that have grown out of it. Related local groups with varying levels of activity exist in the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Austin. Kinda/sorta sponsored by the Ribbonfarm Blogamatic Universe. If you already know a few people in this neck of the woods, try and pick a handle they'll recognize when you sign up. Please note that the registration confirmation email may end up in your spam folder, so check there. It should come from administrator Zach Faddis.