I'm really bothered that the response to a mass shooter trying to incite division in the US is to double down on partisan anger about guns. Giving them exactly what they want.

So is nobody going to bring up that the first CRISPR births have now happened?


"It might be a consequence of the hookup culture, of . . . economic pressures, of surging anxiety rates, of psychological frailty, of . . .antidepressant use, of . . . television, of . . . estrogens leaked by plastics, dropping testosterone levels, of digital porn, of . . . vibrator’s . . . of dating apps, of option paralysis, of helicopter parents . . . of smartphones . . . Name a modern blight, and someone . . . is ready to blame it for messing with the modern libido."


The Big Tech "war on attention" is more like guerrilla warfare or terrorism. Each of us is the large formal military and we're fighting against a leaderless guerrilla army.

Everyone I know trying to actually fight back is paying out the nose in terms of tech convenience in order to, like, not check Twitter/Facebook every 10 min.

We can't go on fighting like this. We need to find a better path forward or we're all gonna become luddites.

TIL that Alex Jones sells cordyceps zombifying mushrooms as part of his Wake Up America! coffee product.


I have no words.

Update: Opened the PDF and looked, nothing much happened besides nocebo. Showed images to 3 people and substitute images to 2 others as control, no effects.

@vgr @bkam Don't know if you ever heard of EVE Online. It was/is a particularly lawless pvp game, and I once read an interesting theory by a player.

He said coalitions don't break from big defeats, because a big defeat can be spun into a galvanizing narrative. But if you make their lives boring, unpleasant, and confusing, in a thousand small ways, you can drive a wedge between the membership and the leadership, and people eventually just give up and leave.

Unmaintained code has the lifespan of its shortest lived dependency.

If you find yourself in a chicken/egg problem, you'd likely benefit by reframing it into a postive/negative feedback loop problem

Between the hate mobs, anti-terror laws, and the us-centric bent of the interesting bits of the web, I think my future web use will be increasingly based on business transactions and less on having fun or casual communication.

All these new borders feel like a return to a pre-global mindset. Ifmore people feel like this, I expect increased irl social conflict, as local issues get the newly released surplus attention.

Today I'm at the "Electricity Grid in Evolution" conference, sunspec.org/sunspec-alliance-c

giving a software demo and speaking on a panel about data standards for interoperability in the solar power industry. I have open-sourced a Python library for converting data into "Orange Button", the standard format we're trying to push.

Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn’t think rope would do that, you should have read the man page.

From the perspective of a superhuman intelligence that finds your behavior boringly predictable:

You're the machine.

Also accurate with regards to being an indie game dev:

Fun etymology fact: the word Autism comes from the Greek word “auto”, which means “self” or “same”.

Homework: compare Autism to the other kind of self-ism known as Narcissism.


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