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Hi, I am Jimi.

I studied acoustic signal processing in the UK, wrote some papers not many people read.

Did a bit of generic .org research back in Taiwan, in exchange for military service. Travelling often was the only thing I looked forward to. e.g. I was more excited for my dinner reservation at Blue Hill at Stone Barnes than meetings at the IBM HQ and seeing Watson.

Tried startups, failed a few times. Now planning (to learn) to cook somehow...

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here's a talk I gave a few months ago at Practice (game design conference at NYU) on the design and theory of Rewordable: includes: genetic algorithms, 19th century alphabet blocks, 9th century Irish monks, fourteen English vowels, me gesturing emphatically with a water bottle but not actually drinking from it for like thirty minutes

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@jk please submit a pull request to improve album. Source available.

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everyone started putting echo on their 12" drum breakdowns in about 85 because they realized they couldnt just leave defenseless kicks and snares out there in the open anymore, what with the battalions of emulator IIs and mirages and prophet 2000s assembling in studios and upper-middle-class project studios across the country

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everyone. ive been thinking EXTREMELY hard. and ive discovered it. the Secret

the secret to SuperThought

SuperThought allows u to think of things that just arent possible using regular Thought

for example
here is my first SuperThought

if u burn a banana then
is it called a Burnana. ?

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The Y-combinator function as I understand it, is a hack to get around the inability to name the self by looping together non-named functions.

When reflection is not possible, e.g seeing the self, you must do a thing that does a thing. Most of the time this creates surprising and unexpected results, but when the strange loop is just right... you can start to make out yourself.

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Almost every "life hack" is worthless in comparison to the difference a good haircut makes.

I think the frequency of spending is often overlook in pleasure/price ratio discussions, it is assuming a very monotonously life. I would rather eat 1 $100+ meal once a week and rest under $10, rather than $20 everyday. I would have 2 or more harmonic peaks of different intensity. Even less frequent splurges. So price is a constraint but never a base. Prices adds linearly, while experience maybe more like max{}.

Swords are both abstract and physical at the same time, but swordsmanship is passed on linearly, whether you kill or teach one, it's one slice, cut, stab at a time.

Whereas words abstract and non physical, but it is these non-physicalness transmits and stir at exponential rates. The the abstraction level along with syntax and semantics, words are much more commutative to a larger of the population.

Sword play symbolism and their communication is art and very niche art. Though can kill.

Jimi boosted Really well-written horror stories from a former Radio Shack employee.

I have fond memories of Radio Shack as a kid. My first computer was a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. I also learned about circuits on one of their 200-in-1 kits. Later I loved browsing for circuit components in the bins at the back of the store.

But when I hear how badly they treated their workers, I'm not too sad that they went out of business.

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Finished a painting tonight. Portrait painting instruction often insists on grounding the composition by defining the shoulders and background, and building these up in concert with the face. Here I'm playing with an intentionally "floaty" composition by divorcing the head from it's context.

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Unconventional Life Strategy Proposal: Skip college, pay for several private tutors (mix of PhD and industry experience) to impart their CompSci knowledge to you over a 2-year full-time mix of study and application, use excess funds to pay intermediaries to secure meetings with CEO or CTO of SMB firms to introduce yourself and offer to work for them. More or less successful life trajectory than graduating from a state school with a decent GPA in CompSci, do you think?

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Freelance web-product developer who's recently realized that happiness is a dish you have to make, not an ingredient for purchase.

liquidity applies to assets, and emotional energy too... often coupled together...

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Chesterton’s Fence (human edition)

Don’t presume to dismiss another’s person simply because you see no grounds for adopting it yourself. Until you can explain how they arrived at their position, you must take it seriously.

I like this better than the physical fence version.

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Technology and philosophy enthusiast (among other things). Independent hacker and explorer at the moment.

Life for me is a sequence of Aha!, Aah!, and Haa! moments (i.e. Learning, experiencing, and sharing what I have learned or experienced).

Have been a semi-regular reader of Ribbonfarm for many years now and have had many "Aha!" moments because of it.

Get Off This Planet 看少點

@vgr @britt @emsenn @artlav @msflechette @vr00n

Under the sign of "Neural ink refills", there was nothing but a void space.

I couldn't quite make out the depth of this space, though it was about 6 feet wide apart defined by the two adjacent torn down factories.

Since I had the urge to refill something in neurally way all today, and the drinks wasn't quite doing it. I decided to seek that refill.

Walking while hearing my own footsteps before they land.

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A hobby, especially one with a subculture attached, is the consumption equivalent of economies of scale:

Experience curves = taste acquisition curves

Industrial process jargon = subcultural slang

Tastemakers = lean six sigma process bureaucrats


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Losses are things that happen in the external world, but losing is a cognitive shift that happens in your mind. It is the shift that leads you to accept the role of loser. A shift that, ideally in the winner’s mind, makes you quit playing the game simply because the rules do not permit you much room for action. To not lose on the other hand, is to expand the playing field, the definition of the game, and begin playing by different rules.

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