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ActoMyosin @jlohner

Soooo, what have ppl been using this for so far?

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@jlohner Sharing some good links, asking some good questions.

@jlohner I've been talking about science fiction, trains, VC fundraising, and product design just over the last few days. So it's pretty varied.

@adrianmryan Cool cool. As it happens my friends have been trying to convince me to take the plunge into SciFi recently. You have a suggestion for a newbie? I think Altered Carbon was a consensus pick for a way to dip my toes into the waters?

@jlohner @adrianmryan I started with the classics...Ender's Game, Dune, and Stranger in a Stranger Land will tell you what 'grok' means. That term is used fairly often on here.

@james @adrianmryan For sure want to check out Stranger in a strange land. Have been recommended many things but they tend to be massive series like Dark Tower or Disk World and are too overwhelming to jump into as a genre introduction.

@jlohner I mainly use it to look busy and socially engaged while waiting in lines for things. Also, you guys are usually talking about some interesting things.

@jlohner oh y'know, sex, drugs, sharing low carb recipes— the usual things