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Maybe I'm late to the party on this, but it seems the "show more" button is horrible UI. When you reply to a toot, the replies inherit the button. At first is appears that replies are mangled.

If your 8 year old self would find you boring and wouldn't want to hang out with you then you might have a problem on your hands.

Not sure if I agree with the piece on federation. In picking dictators, some are armed with a ragtag army while others are armed with nuclear weapons. FB can do much more with my data than Refactorcamp. I do agree we can do better though. It's early days.

3/ Be easy on me, I'm just trying to post enough to keep my Refactorcamp day pass. ;)

2/ Comedy is taking a barbie, giving it a Godzilla head and He-Man appendages. Media is sticking the leg of the barbie where the head should be, but the rest of the body is just a normal Barbie with a missing leg. The leg for a head draws you in, but the rest of the package is disappointing.

1/ The difference between comedy and media. Comedians break a subject into pieces and then reconstruct it in a way in which the creation looks ridiculous. Same structure, but a mishmash of pieces. Media takes one piece of a subject which looks ridiculous by itself (out of context) and uses that as the header of the story to draw you in. Ridiculous header, but the rest of the subject is uninteresting.

Reading up on Boyd's OODA loop and attempting to map it to Southpark's Underpants Gnomes.

I'm assuming that the ??? phase (just before profit) is "orient" in the OODA loop?

Maybe they were inspired by Boyd's slides from "The Strategic Game of ? and ?"

@msflechette Do people actually tweet their opinions about random snippets of conversations they heard in a bar?

So many threads about note taking tools and systems on HN lately. Everyone has a different system and tool set. Technical people can't even open their editors to take notes without being slammed by the law of leaky abstractions.

So many software people on Refactorcamp. @vgr must be like a Jordan Peterson figure of the web development world.

The boy who were rescued from the cave were brought out "strongest to weakest". When they get to the point where they can laugh about this, the last to emerge will never hear the end of this from the first to emerge.

The boys who were rescued from the cave were doing an initiation. These kids don't half-ass their initiations. The next big question, did everyone pass? I guess we'll have to wait until they get out of quarantine to find out.

@vgr Selling anything probably means you have busted your ass to get to that point. Job is more likely to be just 40 hours. So... time?

Cargo cult walks into a bar. Asks the bartender how to make it's cargo cult great again. Bartender shows the cargo cult videos of trump. Cargo cult paints itself orange and rips people on Twitter.

Improvement: A Cargo Cult walk into a bar and asks the bartender how to become more intelligent. The bartender plays movies featuring robots with artificial intelligence. Cargo Cult walks out of the bar with a mission to destroy mankind.

Cargo Cult wants for its people to become more intelligent. Watches movies featuring intelligent robots. Cargo Cult sets out to destroy the world.

The dark side of digital-nomadism is digital-nobodyism. Who have built skills which might command a relatively rich, low class living in digital-nimbyism. But is instead living in digital-povertyism.

@johnfuller do you really want to have street cred in that? I think it’s better for everyone if you are open to the theories but you ask the questions that you genuinely need answers to in order to get yourself oriented / caught up. This forces the theorist to relate back to the wider world.

How do you react to a friend who is into conspiracy theories?

I just go into Larp mode and roll with it. Only problem is that I forget to do my research, so I have limited street cred.

Does anyone know of a good weekly summary of things which you should know so that you don't get suspected of being an imposter?


Dennis Rodman is outed as being the true Satoshi Nakamoto. Rodman immediately flees to N. Korea.

Potcoin becomes the official currency of N. Korea under Rodman (Nakamoto) and it MOONS along with the N. Korean economy.

N Korea is forced to suspend its nuclear program because Kim Jong Un gets high and loses the nuke codes.

Kim Jong Un dreads out his hair and goes into self-exile in Bali as a crypto billionaire.


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