How do you react to a friend who is into conspiracy theories?

I just go into Larp mode and roll with it. Only problem is that I forget to do my research, so I have limited street cred.

Does anyone know of a good weekly summary of things which you should know so that you don't get suspected of being an imposter?

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@johnfuller Impro mode is a lot less work (you don't have to make a flat earther costume).

An elderly racist Swiss couple started on us once and if you "yes, and…" that, you can go to a weird place really fast.

@johnfuller do you really want to have street cred in that? I think it’s better for everyone if you are open to the theories but you ask the questions that you genuinely need answers to in order to get yourself oriented / caught up. This forces the theorist to relate back to the wider world.

@lawrence Agreed. I suppose just opposing them puts them in a defensive position. I'll have to figure out a way to question him so that he might then question his own beliefs.

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