The boy who were rescued from the cave were brought out "strongest to weakest". When they get to the point where they can laugh about this, the last to emerge will never hear the end of this from the first to emerge.

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@johnfuller in the Chilean miners rescue in 2011 they started with the strongest guy for a beta test then went weakest to strongest

@vgr I think you got your strong guy lingo mixed up. The strongest is the alpha. Which goes right along with the rich getting richer theme of today. Strong guy emerges first and that just cements his alpha status along with the glory and the women. Except in warfare, where the betas get sent in first.

@johnfuller no I mean physically strongest in case something went wrong with rescue capsule on first run. He was one of the younger junior guys. Beta as in beta testing the capsule mechanism 😂😂

Read Wikipedia on Chilean mine rescue. The show was not being run by the trapped people

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