Reading up on Boyd's OODA loop and attempting to map it to Southpark's Underpants Gnomes.

I'm assuming that the ??? phase (just before profit) is "orient" in the OODA loop?

Maybe they were inspired by Boyd's slides from "The Strategic Game of ? and ?"

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@johnfuller ha! Maybe. If I remember correctly, the ?s in Boyd's briefing are Interaction and Isolation.

@james Yeah, I'm hoping I'm on to something so that I can get a consulting gig with them. I'm in bad need of underpants and I figured we could work out a trade. I just hope they don't notice I'm going commando because that will give them leverage in the negotiations.

@johnfuller very much doubt here’s any connection

The ??? is simple satire

@vgr @johnfuller you don't think there was a deeper reason everything was presented in briefs?

@vgr I was being difficult. Where's my information free validation?

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