@necopinus What looks weird and confusing to me is a thread of toots, each with a show more button. I didn't add the button to my reply, so I didn't expect for the button to appear on my reply. The interface also didn't handle the following toots well. The reply with a title and a show more button could be misinterpreted as an empty reply.

Maybe I'm late to the party on this, but it seems the "show more" button is horrible UI. When you reply to a toot, the replies inherit the button. At first is appears that replies are mangled.

Failsafes against despair 

@msweet From writings by @vgr - crash early, crash often and accelerate into the crash when it happens.


If your 8 year old self would find you boring and wouldn't want to hang out with you then you might have a problem on your hands.

@vgr Looks like you got some interest on this one. Maybe a blog post. ;)

Not sure if I agree with the piece on federation. In picking dictators, some are armed with a ragtag army while others are armed with nuclear weapons. FB can do much more with my data than Refactorcamp. I do agree we can do better though. It's early days.

3/ Be easy on me, I'm just trying to post enough to keep my Refactorcamp day pass. ;)

2/ Comedy is taking a barbie, giving it a Godzilla head and He-Man appendages. Media is sticking the leg of the barbie where the head should be, but the rest of the body is just a normal Barbie with a missing leg. The leg for a head draws you in, but the rest of the package is disappointing.

1/ The difference between comedy and media. Comedians break a subject into pieces and then reconstruct it in a way in which the creation looks ridiculous. Same structure, but a mishmash of pieces. Media takes one piece of a subject which looks ridiculous by itself (out of context) and uses that as the header of the story to draw you in. Ridiculous header, but the rest of the subject is uninteresting.

@vgr I was being difficult. Where's my information free validation?

@james Yeah, I'm hoping I'm on to something so that I can get a consulting gig with them. I'm in bad need of underpants and I figured we could work out a trade. I just hope they don't notice I'm going commando because that will give them leverage in the negotiations.

Reading up on Boyd's OODA loop and attempting to map it to Southpark's Underpants Gnomes.

I'm assuming that the ??? phase (just before profit) is "orient" in the OODA loop?

Maybe they were inspired by Boyd's slides from "The Strategic Game of ? and ?"

@artlav Well, actually, after reading threads like that, I don't even take notes. It looks like notes are nothing but problems. It's like your friends trying to get you to get you to do cliff diving but then one of them smashes into a rock at the bottom. Oh, hell, no. I'll just remember my todos and priorities without taking notes.

@artlav @msflechette Right, back in the day, bar Twitter was just etching your thoughts into the wall of the bathroom stall.

@msflechette Do people actually tweet their opinions about random snippets of conversations they heard in a bar?

@artlav I agree, keep it simple. Use the editor and and a handful of tools which the OS already comes with. But in HN, it's almost always the veering of the comments which is most interesting. This thread could have had just about any link about notes and the comments would have been the same.

@vgr True, not as orderly to track as say... a herd of toothpaste in the grocery store [though the toothpaste isle is probably just as disorientating.]

So many threads about note taking tools and systems on HN lately. Everyone has a different system and tool set. Technical people can't even open their editors to take notes without being slammed by the law of leaky abstractions.

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