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Kim Jong Un signs agreement with Trump to build Trump towers and golf courses next to key military installations in N. Korea. Outsmarted Trump later forced to remove bombing campaign as a military option.

Speaking of psychos..

Do psychos get ahead b/c they're willing to screw people?

Or do they get ahead b/c they're unburdened by social norms?

Are these two ?'s the same? ;)

No, Kim Jong-un doesn't do it all on his own. He has a room full of psycho script writers for the evil dictator daily show. Once Kim goes good, they'll retire to writing bad Korean horror shows.

At least Trump does his own Twitter improv.

How is it that I can experience a personal "Episode 1" with my eyes closed in a 12 minute dream, yet something which should take 12 minutes in the real world eats an entire day?

Your first name (your own) is free. After that, it's all on you.

My definition of hell is to get promoted to the head of the department of "naming things" for a large software company.

A tweet is what comes out of one end of the bird, a toot is what comes out of the other end. I'm sure I'm way late to this joke.

Refactor Camp

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