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Software engineer in San Francisco, working on a web decentralization startup. Mildly blockchain related; I'm on the extreme end of the Mastodon-style federated/p2p decentralization end of the spectrum, and mostly just hiss and boo at all the blockchainers.

Rough description of my problem statement here:

These days, I'm mostly out of energy for writing/advocacy and just do a lot of coding. Hope to get back to more heavy writing soon.

Who is the most ambitious person you know who self-identifies as a frontend engineer?

Forevercall for frontend developers that want to get paid to work on this. Just ping me.

Urbit launched a bunch of stuff yesterday.

New primer/explanation:

Urbit property is now secured over Ethereum:

New docs hopefully demystify the system technically:

Curtis Yarvin is out:

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So, Mastodon:

What happens if I wish to move servers?

Do I have to refollow everyone?

Do they have to refollow me?

Can my old posts move over via some automatic process?

Basically, how tied to this server am I? If it shuts down, or I decide I want my own / another, how much pain am I in for?

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@johnhenry Yes, this is a huge opportunity for large-scale re-evaluation of priorities and exodus from toxic megacorporations. Being out of the oppressive cultural and life-choice lock-in of insanely priced cities will enable more and better directions for a lot of very talented people to push in.

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@johnhenry "Sad I'll be out of a career" :-/

if i can give unsolicited advice?

there's a ton of need for people who can make computers do things, in all sorts of places outside of the narrow "tech industry". A lot of them are less stressful, more socially beneficial, and just as interesting. you just gotta stop thinking of yourself as "a coder" and become "a ____ who can code"

i'm a lot happier being a "solar power worker who can code" than i was at $FAMOUS_SOFTWARE_COMPANY

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There seems to be little in the way of glue between 4 and 5, for folks who are interested but have little idea where to begin.

After a quick survey on Facebook, I decided to start a weekly newsletter. One concept in computing per week, written for layfolk, as much as I can manage in an hour or less of writing. It is assumed that subscribers know what an address bar or web browser or wifi is, but not HTTP or API. With as little jargon, and as many screenshots, as I can.

It’s still funny to me when people say “Mastodon won’t work for X because of Y technical limitation”. If X is large enough then Y can be coded in like 10 seconds.

Any chance mastodon becomes the reddit to tumblr's digg?

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I think the first approach is basically good only for when you have a strong pattern match hit to a long-studied condition like depression or bipolar etc.

The second approach is time consuming and can get some basic low-level energy/attention flows healthy.

The 3rd approach I think is under-rated and the most useful of all. Though system 1/system 2 is too crude a map. You need a map with more pieces. I'm currently trying to do an inventory with my goat-crow-rat map from

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If you had to create a mental health checklist, kinda like a car scheduled check at 25, 50, 100k miles etc. You have 3 options:

1. Go down a list of DSM descriptions of likely pathologies and ask for each, "do I have that? do I need to fix that"

2. Do some sort of meditation/retreat thing and trust your inner chi or whatever to rearrange your mind into a better state

3. The option I like: use a crude map of how the mind is organized to take an inventory. Example:

Has anyone ever successfully downloaded their Twitter archive? What tool did you use?

The official Twitter export button in your profile (shown below) has been broken for a year, which leads me to believe it's not officially supported anymore.

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that enthusiasm consisted in making a speech; that it was courage to risk the loss of ten dollars; that kindness consisted in saying, “You are welcome,” at the dinner table; that piety consisted in going to communion once a year. This I saw, and I laughed.

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I saw that the meaning of life was to secure a livelihood, and that its goal was to attain a high position; that love’s rich dream was marriage with an heiress; that friendship’s blessing was help in financial difficulties; that wisdom was what the majority assumed it to be;

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When I was young, I forgot how to laugh in the cave of Trophonius; when I was older, I opened my eyes and beheld reality, at which I began to laugh, and since then, I have not stopped laughing.

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