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Software engineer in San Francisco, working on a web decentralization startup. Mildly blockchain related; I'm on the extreme end of the Mastodon-style federated/p2p decentralization end of the spectrum, and mostly just hiss and boo at all the blockchainers.

Rough description of my problem statement here:

These days, I'm mostly out of energy for writing/advocacy and just do a lot of coding. Hope to get back to more heavy writing soon.

The governor of new york has roughly the political power of 3 US senators.

My problem with academia is that it lacks conciseness. Academia nominally is all about concisesness; which is why they’ve instituted rules and processess over centuries regulating the precise conciseness of acceptable statements; which, you know, kinda defeats the point.

My problem with economists is they’re exclusively interested in second-order effects and extremely proud of themselves for it. No amount of crushing embarrassment from inevitable 3rd, 4th+ effects seems to knock their self-image down even one notch.

Other people only care about your position. But you should only care about your vector.

The world can stay irrational longer than you can stay recalcitrant.

Complex systems aren’t things you understand, they’re things you come to terms with.

Express yourself very clearly, but not very often.

Today is "green tea", which is the best status.

I now have 4 responses to "how are you"? which perfectly capture my daily status:
- Herbal tea
- Green tea
- Black tea
- Coffee

I am permanently humbled by only 3 things: God, women, and systems engineering code.

The Art Of Giving A Fuck And Not Giving A Fuck In Rapid Succession And Very Confusing Intervals

Repeating my monthly plea for any Javascript contractors wanting to help with the future of the internet. Email Senior developers only for now :(.

Take mental health seriously, but not literally.

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