John Henry


What are your favorite examples of “now reading” pages? Do you have one of your own?

These can be anywhere along the spectrum of random reading recommendations, or highly structured lists of books / resources, eg in a cirriculum format. Particulaly interested in ones created/maintained by individuals rather than organizations.


Yes, I am creating a list of lists.

No, I am not disappearing down a turpentine rabbit hole :p. Just want to research various examples to try and productize common and useful elements of these types of lists.

@johnhenry please do share this meta-list when substantial! I would definitely find it useful. Perhaps others too?

@shiva Sure! I wasn't actually intending on publishing the list, but happy to do so when I wrap up (maybe in a couple of weeks)

@johnhenry sounds good, the more diverse the sources the better? I have this morbid worldview of always being in an echo chamber, and hence the usefulness. heh

@shiva I'm actually less interested in the particular books and more interested in the various formats of the lists, and how useful/consumable they are to various audiences. Also how easy they are to maintain from author's POV.

@johnhenry Not really a "now reading" page, but here's a list of all the recommendations from people who featured in Tim Ferriss' podcast, categorized by individuals:

@shiva Excellent! The more diverse formats, the better. This one's interesting, since the list's construction is specifically "books that have appeared on a podcast", which is hard to productize, but def qualifies.

@shiva Excellent. I'm finding my favorite versions of these have some element of temporality / autobiographical categorization. Good "now reading" lists should both constantly evolve and leave breadcrumbs to things you cared about more in the past.

@zacharius I love the buttons! Huge angle in actually linking to the book, if you can secure the rights properly. Hmm.


Ya openlibrary is a great resource that I'm glad I stumbled upon recently. There is a surprisingly large selection of books that anyone could read. Honestly I'm not sure how they can get away with some of these legally.

There isn't that friction between seeing a reading list and actually getting the books. You just click a button.

@zacharius I've somehow managed to avoid registering this for like 12 years now. Looks very promising!

@johnhenry I have a very poorly formatted list, with the intention of someday adding annotations/notes. Although it's mainly lit that avoided reading in my more formative years. Maybe I'll get some inspiration from the examples posted here

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