Folks who want to learn more about computing (not the same as programming) seem to have a few options, in decreasing order of granularity/increasing ease of approach by the general public:

1. Developer documentation
2. Detailed, often informal, accounts of how things work, usually written by devs for other devs (on YC, HN, etc)
3. AMAs
4. Wikipedia, community wikis
5. Technology journalism

There seems to be little in the way of glue between 4 and 5, for folks who are interested but have little idea where to begin.

After a quick survey on Facebook, I decided to start a weekly newsletter. One concept in computing per week, written for layfolk, as much as I can manage in an hour or less of writing. It is assumed that subscribers know what an address bar or web browser or wifi is, but not HTTP or API. With as little jargon, and as many screenshots, as I can.

I'm writing this for people I know on Facebook, but if you know someone who might benefit from this, feel free to point them to :)

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