Thinking on and I'm having difficulty finishing the transcripts of interviews with YNH because distracting related thoughts keep popping up.

Such as this one: even with the current awareness that we are not one persona/consciousness but many, the focus of "mindfulness" and digital retrograde seems to be to kill off/dominate some of these neuron-chains, feudalism-style, by depriving them of neuronal transmissions that sttengthen them.

A drive towards simplicity and clarity, to turn down the noise, if you will.

What would the psychological equivalent of diplomacy look like? Is that what CBT does? What if instead of weakening personas we don't like, we figure out which ones we need and tactically *grow them more* instead, and let psychological selection do its work and hopefully overthrow the incumbent personas and turn them into domedticated vassal states? A mental Sengoku ...

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