i just had Impossible Burger (plant-based meat substitute) for the first time. It was pretty good. The texture is much meatier than any other vegan protein I've tried. I'm not that much of a meat fan to begin with, though, so I'm not the one they have to convince.

I'm rooting for it to really take off, because it could be a game-changer for the environment if it gets cheap enough and good enough to displace significant cow consumption.



@nindokag I've tried Beyond, but not Impossible. It had a foully chemical-ish flavour, kind of like Taiwanese sausage, and I'm not keen to try that again.

I'm an omnivore myself, though I go vegetarian with my wife when her health calls for it. I'd rather have a tasty veggie dish than impossibly tasty mock meat.

@nindokag That said I'd be keen to try Impossible least once just to see what it tastes like. But I'd rather see more research go into tastier veggie dishes.

Figuring out how to make a meat replacement that's indistinguishable from the real thing is, to me, kinda like making AI pass the Turing Test. As a goal in itself, it's not very interesting, thought it can tell you much about people.

@kureshii @nindokag I'm very conflicted on this. I love meat, but I must recognize meat based foodening is unsustainable. And the idea of artificial meat creeps me out. But when I tried veggie stuff in the past, it was miserable. It was either so bleh I just skipped meals, or tasty in an unsatisfying way that made me keet eating continuously until I was about to puke.

@kureshii i'd rather eat tastier veggie dishes, too. i think Indian cuisine has the right idea - vegetables and spices can be the main event, there's no need to "replace" anything.

i don't really miss meat; what i would miss most if i went full vegan would be cheese and seafood.

this is one of those "I want it to be good for other people" things. Like, I want electric cars to be good and cheap so other people will drive them; i'm taking the train.

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