"conventional agricultural practices have stripped America’s soils of more than half of their original carbon content.

The alternative approach, which includes growing crops that absorb more carbon and planting without tilling the soil... could, in the best-case scenario, offset all agricultural emissions.

...Many growers already embrace these techniques, in part because they enrich the soil.

farmers “are also sequestering carbon, but nobody’s giving them credit.”

Very interesting point from that article about agricultural carbon sequestration:

"Russell thinks growers care about global warming in “far bigger numbers than past polling, research, and conventional wisdom recognize.”

But Russell acknowledges that many farmers are reluctant to champion a progressive talking point.

“When I have a private conversation with a farmer, they are generally not skeptical about human-caused climate change. They just know they can’t talk about it publicly,”"

🤔 🤔 🤔

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this implies something about the strategy for changing minds. maybe we need to let people who are wrong have space to come around to the truth on their own time. let them change behavior in a way that saves face, and not demonize them for having been wrong. Because changing the harmful behavior is what matters, not scoring "told you so" points.

Or something? This is a very half-formed thought.

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@nindokag In behavioural psych it's so we'll known it's almost a meme that the harder you challenge/threaten someone's identity, the harder they will fight to protect it, to the extent of denying inconvenient evidence. You can already see this at the playground in the form of kids plugging their fingers in their ears and going lalala.


@nindokag We do know better means of convincing people, but we are seldom willing enough to use them. Often, it means *we* have to drop the pretense that we are right and they are wrong

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