I met a guy named "Wizard" on Saturday.

He was in line next to me at a cafe and I overheard the cafe owner asking him how his Burning Man project went, and I was curious so I asked him about it.

He told me his name is Wizard, and then he showed me a phone video of the thing he built for Burning Man, which was a... giant metal bacteriophage-virus-shaped rotating jungle gym, that people could climb around in?

I told Wizard I had never been to Burning Man and he said "why not, your job won't let you?" and i said "I don't think it would be my scene, i like... having a quiet night and going to bed early"

Wizard got REAL SERIOUS and said "Burning man is about SETTING ASIDE your creature comforts for one week of the year"

I never felt like I had to defend my decision to *not* go to Burning Man, before.


@nindokag Wow, that sounds like serious tribal identity right there.

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