Tempted to write a "Guide for software developers volunteering for nonprofits":

- Hope you like PHP, since they *are* using either Wordpress or Drupal, no exceptions

- version control? Is that when we add the date to the end of the filename of the master spreadsheet we're emailing back and forth?

- Ssshhh: the password is "candidatename-2020" it's very secret nobody will guess it

- the wordpress has every plugin and theme installed, all battling for control of the public PHP namespace


@nindokag Teaching my students version control is the top thing on my list even if it's no longer in the syllabus, huhu

@kureshii every team that doesn't know about version control ends up reinventing the wheel, badly!

@nindokag Every developer who doesn't know about version control is a potential team that won't have version control 😵

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