a key to great friendships is generating some level of intrigue

I can't do the thing where I meet someone and tell them like all about my life. It just sucks the energy out of the interaction. i prefer to reveal a few cards at a time and build a timeline - and reciprocally, don't snoop or be nosy offline and especially on social media. give people their space

i guess in a typical adult environment this is harder to do than in university bc there is practically no guarantee you will see someone again.


@Elmkast I don't see why that should stop people from trying to be deep friends anyway. If you're never gonna see them again, why tell them all about your life? Tell them about a book you read instead.

And if by chance you see them again, you could talk about whether you got any new insight about the book. And that would segue naturally into a conversation about your lives, and that discussion would now be more meaningful.

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