@nindokag Your wife sounds like a lovely person. Really.

@Elmkast I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Ishiguro is really good at that unreliable-narrator style of writing, though I haven't any other recommendations at the moment.

Oh wait I do: Never Let Me Go, same author. I am still hoping to read more scifi like that. Less exposition, almost no technical explanations, all narrative. Most scifi authors obsess over alternative economies or engineering possibilities, but Ishiguro focuses exclusively on the lived experience of the resulting societies.

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Alb is a programming language created entirely in arabic, built to "[highlight] cultural biases of computer science and [challenge] the assumptions we make about programming."

it is a tree-walking interpreter in JavaScript. you can watch its creator talk about the language in the vid below


@Elmkast @kai I only autopay if I'm tracking it in budget spreadsheet, so I don't lose sight of stuff I'm paying for.

My wife has a whole bunch of subscriptions agree wasn't aware she's been paying for, for years. I'm trying to get her into a password manager and budget tracking but she's resistant :/

@stsquad @nindokag Yeah, or "what do you think will happen if you don't?"

@nindokag We do know better means of convincing people, but we are seldom willing enough to use them. Often, it means *we* have to drop the pretense that we are right and they are wrong

@nindokag In behavioural psych it's so we'll known it's almost a meme that the harder you challenge/threaten someone's identity, the harder they will fight to protect it, to the extent of denying inconvenient evidence. You can already see this at the playground in the form of kids plugging their fingers in their ears and going lalala.

@nindokag Pixelation is an aesthetic in its own right, as are "blocky 3D" polygons.

In general I think less-is-more is an aesthetic style that gets picked up by people who get too overwhelmed by the race toward graphic realism.

See also: colour-quantised pop-art portraits

@Elmkast @machado The Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro I think illustrates both pretty well :)

@nindokag Passenger jets rely on a similar principle to maintain flight attitude ;)

@natecull This is how YUV compression works :) JPEG relies on a similar hack (chroma subsampling)

What's perhaps more shocking is that this is apparently A Thing since color analog television.

@nindokag Any good policies to follow that don't involve blanket rules? E.g. block a domain for 6 hrs if your server gets >X spam reports from its emails

@MrWanda Sounds Ponzi. Getting out if probably a good call

@MrWanda @Bert

As one goes left:
- More "personalised"
- More resources per student
- Lower legibility of outcomes (less "accountability")

As one goes right:
- More "standardised"
- More resources overall (mostly state-sponsored)
- Higher legibility of outcomes (more "accountability")

@MrWanda @Bert As a high school teacher, most of the reforms I have in mind are along these lines. But I've also come to realise that the spectrum runs like


The more it looks like a system, especially at scale, the less it looks like education.

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@nindokag That said I'd be keen to try Impossible least once just to see what it tastes like. But I'd rather see more research go into tastier veggie dishes.

Figuring out how to make a meat replacement that's indistinguishable from the real thing is, to me, kinda like making AI pass the Turing Test. As a goal in itself, it's not very interesting, thought it can tell you much about people.

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