@temujin9 As in willful ignorance of something in the company which many others know?

@ykgoon @machado if they are receptive to learning and you are receptive to teaching, what is holding you back?

@bkam Yeah I only see new toots in public, not under home.

@machado @zacharius My family (before I met my wife) had a very simple dynamic.

If you can't stand it, you take care of it.

My mom managed to adjust herself to a higher threshold, and we gradually became lower threshold as we got older.

I'm still surprised it didn't descend into brinksmanship.

@zacharius My wife complains when I don't clean the kitchen countertop properly (i.e. completely stainless). She steps into the kitchen 3 times a day, mainly to rummage through the fridge.

I'm in there 4 hours a day, prepping and cooking. If the spills can wait to be cleaned with the dishes after meals, they gonna wait.

@zacharius I think you meant "when high-threshold people get accused by low-threshold people"? Confused me for a bit there

@nindokag I am in awe of how much neater her (hanzi) handwriting is than mine! 😂

@machado @ykgoon I suppose that is another way to get rid of previous temptations

@ykgoon A wish is a discrepancy between the world as perceived, and the world as imagined. A temptation is a desire to close the gap.

So yielding to the temptation is one way. The other way is to rewrite the way you perceive the world. That's too much effort for most, so they yield to the temptation.

@ykgoon Ouch, that's painful. It's such a helpless feeling.

@machado @ykgoon Some would say, you have kids so they can pay for strangers to change your diapers when you get old

On slaver statues 

@machado @panina Someone's got to pull down the old ones to make room for the new ones. And since calling for a statue to be pulled down in less tense times is kinda faux pas, times of social unrest are the best for doing this kind of shit.

@ykgoon I have no idea tbh. But it seems to be a common enough phenomenon that I guess I'd be willing to find a way to do that if 8t didn't require immense effort.

@ykgoon There has got to be some way to store up niceness and then ration it out for the rest of the year

@akk btw, JPEG already has everything mentioned there except motion estimation and the entropy encoder. which it doesn't need, being a still image format :)

@nindokag I thought the equivalent would be more like negative programming patterns: “but it works!”

“yes, for now, but for the happiness of children please don’t do it”

@ykgoon This is a great recommendation, now trying to absorb it too


@machado This is also not to insult public school students, oe to suggest they are all brainwashed. The ones who buy it hook, line, and sinker are *not* well-adjusted; they are ticking mid-life crisis timers.

The well-adjusted ones learn to keep their chaotic illegible core well-protected from state surveillance, while presenting a legible front. That's almost literally what it means to be civilised.


@machado Any more and you're a troublemaker; any less and you're an underachiever.

That's not to say all public school teachers are puppets of the state. A surprising proportion may have anti-authoritarian leanings, but by working their resistance in a state-legible way (which is how they keep their jobs), they help to reinforce this lesson.

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