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@riga To be fair, Rich (the Ford guy) is talking about scrapping them after 4 years of almost-continuous utilisation (because parking a commercial autonomous car makes little financial sense).

But for that to make sustainable sense,
1) use of privately owned vehicles likely has to go down as people trade private car ownership for autonomous rentals,
2) those cars are gonna have to be used at night too, otherwise they'll still need parking space somewhere

@Elmkast Not sure how much this can help your parents but on the off chance that it might,

@machado It is easier to be smart than to be kind. I don't like quoting Bezos on this but I've had my moments too.

@Elmkast I've changed mine twice in 10 years, mainly because I've intentionally made decisions that made it easy to switch (prepaid) plans when I see a better one. Otherwise I'd prior just have stuck with the same subpar one. My brother had to get a US number when he went there for studies, and it wreaked havoc on his SMS 2FA accounts lol.

@Elmkast Not to mention keeping track of 2FA methods especially SMS because what happens when you change your mobile number ...

@Elmkast It's an extra hour in aggregate, but in practice it's scattered bundles of minutes that accost you at unexpected times of day throughout the week. Not something that most people would feel until they start to have other demands on their time.

@Elmkast Having used a friend's seedbox before, I can say that beyond a certain age, and definitely if you are a full-time member of the workforce, Netflix is cheaper if you factor in the time required to find and add your favourite shows, do file management, stay on top of legal developments in Bittorrent, occasionally update the seedbox, etc

@nindokag But critically, if she decides not to push back against the bullies, don't let her feel like she deserved to get bullied or like she must do something. We've all seen how well that worked for the feminist movement.

@nindokag That stuff about violence begets violence is true. But passivity begets even more violence, when the aggressors think they can get away with more. Yes, the bullies are to be pitied too, but remember, even pre-WWII Germany felt they were bullied at the beginning.

@nindokag At this point, knowing what I know about what abetted the Holocaust, and the Stanford prison experiment, and how the brain works, and narrative archetypes, I'd just say:

Don't go along with it. If it's undeserved behaviour from them, don't let them walk away thinking that what they do is okay. Say something back, give a hateful glare (yes I know how it sounds; try disapproving/shaming glance if she can), or even give a bloody nose, so they learn early on.

@vgr I'm reading that as "therapeutic but not snuggly" 😂

@machado @riga @vgr My wife's mentor-coach told her to always have a question about the organisation's policies ready when asked "do you have any questions", and to have a specific personal need ready when asked "is there anything you need?". That advice makes much more sense in the context of this thread now.

@riga @machado @vgr Practise conversation routines to put people at ease and let them know they are not being threatened?

@riga Perhaps it'll help with appreciating why most people spend so much time and effort on social signalling, heh.

@machado @temujin9 Context fog? I'd use scope fog but that may be a bit too software-specific.

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