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To see further, one must drive slower (Y/N)

People don't complain about leaving signs in their physical environment, and hiding your signs is usually considered suspicious behaviour. Yet that norm does not seem to have survived in the digital space.

I'm not suggesting that we therefore stop caring about digital privacy, but I'm curious what kind of differences people see between physical and digital spaces that leads to generally less privacy concern in the physical space.

Seeing more and more of such "hacks" recently. I'm coming to see them less as hacks, and more as digital signs. Hunting these signs is the digital equivalent of cutting for sign.

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I would like to coin the phrase "Fantasy protagonist fallacy".

It's the belief that a sufficient amount of trudging across the map, fighting random encounters, solving riddles, enduring suffering, and demonstrating virtue will inevitably add up, somehow, someday, to "saving the world".

It's similar to the "clueless" behavior from @vgr 's Gervais posts.

All the fantasy novels and JRPGs I consumed as a kid drilled this into me and I had to unlearn it.

I should write a blog post

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Ever meet people who feel like algorithms? If you don’t talk to them in the right way with the right order of parameters they immediately return false.

Not “hmm, language is quite imprecise, I only understood part of what you said, what do you mean by ...”

But “Error! No logic at here, there, and there, try again!”

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Music is an incredible tool for headspace maintenance. Consistently effective, near endless variety, and very very low cost. I feel like we could be way better as a society about disseminating information about this, any kind of therapeutic asset is important!

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I’m starting to get tired of the inefficiency of concentrated wealth. High-net-worth (say north of $100mm) people are really bad at doing things with their money to the point I think their best strategy is to just blow it all up in hedonistic excess. It’s hard to beat the impact of just putting the money back into circulation in the hands of people who have less and can devote more cycles per dollar spending it.

Internet problem I'm facing now: I use Instapaper to clip articles I intend to read later. By the time I read the article, I've forgotten how I came across it in the first place (feedly? Someone sent it to me? Found it off social media?) and therefore whom I should respond to/where I should reply.

Anyone else facing the same problem? How do you keep track?

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Recently heard a brilliant little anecdote. Apparently zebra research is hard because any time researchers "mark" a zebra visually to track it as the herd moves, lions kill them. The stripes are an adaptation to make tracking hard, and marking a zebra makes it an easy kill.

I don't need a todo list, I need a what-comes-next swipe-timeline? (2/2)

Itch of the month: a todo system/app that isn't visually list-ish. Something a bit like Gantt charts, less timeline-ish, for personal productivity (I know ribbonfarm isn't big on GTD but I'm just toying with the idea of a task stream vs lists-and-subtasks)

I have terrible short-term memory and forget within a couple hours anything that doesn't go into a todo system. Todo list apps I've tried don't really help with helping me keep track of task dependencies in a zoom-out view. (1/2)

Officially employed as a high school teacher, unofficially internet-based self-experimenter, tinkerer, avid reader, rationality dabbler, monotheistic practitioner.

Been following ribbonfarm since ... just after The GervIs Principle I think, though only lurking. I used to Telegram my more socially awkward readings in a tiny group, guess I found another outlet.

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