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So we learn to take it easier on ourselves and on our pet abstractions; we don’t demand so much from them beyond plugging gaps in a drafty house... if we just make it through the night the sun will soften us up again in the morning

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The shorter the distance our abstractions can cover before they collide with other ones (or with uncooperative facts), the more easily we begin to see any given abstraction as just a subtle form of preparation physical activity, meaningful only in proportion to the number of heads it turns (or container ships it launches)

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I think @vgr’s writing about mediocrity as it relates to survival and infinite games is an example of the thinking that accompanies what John Michael Greer calls the shift from an age of abstraction to an age of reflection. A kind of meta-abstraction that destroys less nimble abstractions & thus clears the way for the new (pragmatic, context-sensitive, VUCA-driven) age

"the lowest level of enlightenment is realizing that you don't have to do that thing you thought you had to do"

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