An infinite collection of number systems-- they’re at the heart of modern number theory... itself at the heart of computer science, numerical analysis, and cryptography: "An Infinite Universe of Number System"
(Plus- Klaus Roth)

Dwell on digits:

Once seen as the work of genius, how did creativity become an engine of economic growth and a corporate imperative? (Hint: WWII and the Cold War played important roles.): "The rise and rise of creativity"
(Plus- Gulliver's Travels)

Lionize the latest?

The origin of life can’t be explained by first principles: "Why Physics Can’t Tell Us What Life Is"
(Plus- Ernest Everett Just)

Live and let live:

Engravings from an ambitious and beautiful attempt to catalogue, for the first time, the musical instruments of the world: "Filippo Buonanni's Harmonic Cabinet (1722)"
(Plus- Domenico Scarlatti)

Celebrate sound:

One of Nature's (many) marvelous tricks: "To survive frigid nights, hummingbirds cool themselves to record-low temperatures"
(Plus- van Leeuwenhoek)

Admire adaptation:

Some psychologists are increasingly confident that they can now measure-- and nurture-- wisdom, superseding the "speculations" of philosophy and religion: "The Science of Wisdom"
(Plus- Sartre demurs)

Savor sagacity:

Visualize the changes between the Cryogenian Period and the present: "This Map Lets You Plug in Your Address to See How It’s Changed Over the Past 750 Million Years"
(Plus- Gignoux)

Go with the flow:

Famously rejected by a host of publishers, it's now-- many, many editions later-- an iconic mystery: "The Agatha Christie Centennial- 100 years of The Mysterious Affair at Styles"
(Plus- A.J. Liebling)

Watching the detectives:

GPT-3, a machine-learning language model, wrote: "Are Humans Intelligent?- a Salty AI Op-Ed"
(Plus- the Great Beer Flood Disaster)

Hail our new robot overlords:

Learn why gauging whether or not we dwell inside someone else’s computer may turn on advanced AI research—or measurements at the frontiers of cosmology: "Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50"
(Plus- Nietzsche)

Play the odds:

Making better decisions: one of the most prevalent-- and insidious-- forms of selection bias, survivorship bias, illustrated: "How to armour a WWII bomber"
(Plus- W. Edwards Deming)

Thank clearly:

Knowledge is where you find it: "I Made a Linguistics Professor Listen to a Blink-182 Song and Analyze the Accent"
(Plus- Sid and Nancy)

Listen carefully:

A new interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that reality does not depend on the person measuring it
(Plus- Joule)

Admiring amazing amateurs:

206 projects, and counting-- some supplanted by newer Google services; some outmatched by competitors; and some... well, maybe just not such good ideas to begin with: "Killed By Google" @codyogden
(Plus- A Day in the Life of Cyberspace)


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