Derrick Lin’s miniature dioramas put the (bygone?) bustle of everyday life into context
(Plus- Typhoid Mary quarantined)

Get small:

Fun Delivered: world's foremost experts on Whoopee Cushions and Silly Putty tell all
(Plus- Doogie Howser, M.D.)

Ponder pranks:

The father of the Gaia Hypothesis with a provocative take on the coming age of hyperintelligence: "Gaia Will Soon Belong to the Cyborgs"
(Plus- Franklin H. Giddings)

Scrutinize systems:

A reminder to my fellow shelters-in-place: the glorious (and non-profit) Internet Archive has millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more

Slipping one past one of the most rigorous map-making institutions in the world: "For Decades, Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illustrations Inside of Swiss Official Maps"
(Plus- the Black Death)

Explore for Easter eggs:

Think conservatives are disconnected from reality? It's even worse among liberals. Arlie Hochschild explains...
(Plus- Caligula)

Contemplate commonality:

Why are the heel pieces, or end pieces, of a loaf seen as undesirable? @ShortFormErnie faces up to the "Bread End"
(Plus- Schweppes)

“All sorrows are less with bread”
Embrace the ends:

"The Second Career of Michael Riegels"- how an ex-pat Brit in the BVI founded the now-global $7-10 trillion off-shore tax haven "industry"
(Plus- the Ides of March)

Come to grips with grift:

Lifelong quests! Lawsuits! Feuds! A super-serious story about cereal
(Plus- the father of chicken nuggets)

Pour some sugar on me:

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