Privacy as a public good- @phirephoenix makes a compelling case that we should treat-- and protect-- privacy as a public good, and explains how we might do that: "Left alone, together"
(Plus- the Harvard Mark I)

Think about each other:

How Filippo Brunelleschi, untrained in architecture or engineering, built the world’s largest dome at the dawn of the Renaissance
(Plus- Constantinople)

Go big:

A rebuke of Apple, John Deere, and other manufacturers whose practices frustrate repair by "owners": "FTC Report Finds Manufacturers’ Repair Restrictions Unwarranted." Via @kwiens and @stewartbrand
(Plus- the tomato)

Resist rentiers:

Many of America’s funeral parlors rely on one man to provide the music for their services. Welcome to “semi-spiritual” ambient music and the stuff of contemporary mourning: "Songs in the Key of Death"
(Plus- Monteverdi)

Acclimate to ambience:

Everything we know about the history of architecture (and the world) is wrong? @zachmortice takes us "Inside the ‘Tartarian Empire,’ the QAnon of Architecture"
(Plus- Michael Hopkins)

Contemplate cabals:

The history, design, economics, and psychology of the technology that made modern cities possible-- the lives of elevators: "Up and Then Down"
(Plus the Sack of Rome)

Press the button:

Learning from our ancestors: "Humans Shaped Life on Earth For 12,000 Years, And It Wasn't All Doom And Destruction"
(Plus- Jean Nicot)

Find balance:

Learning from the ways that whales learn: "Sperm whales in 19th century shared ship attack information"
(Plus- The Old Man and the Sea)

Admire adaptation:

NPR as we know it debuted 50 years ago today. Hear its first original production-- the first All Things Considered
(Plus- World Press Freedom Day)

Tune in:

Access to heritage: Scan the World- 3-D printable files of cultural artifacts (since it's inception in 2014, over 17,000, by over 1800 artists/artisans, from over 800 places around the world... and counting)
(Plus- Leonardo)

Peruse our past:

"If Y2K-Era Movie Theater Carpets Could Talk": behind the ecstatic aesthetic of squiggles, stars, and confetti
(Plus- Citizen Kane)

Settle on the extra-large popcorn:

"The Letter in the Window": the wacky and surprising history of NYC restaurant inspections (and by extension, those of other cities) @readtedium @ernie
(Plus- the zipper)

Wash your hands:

"Remember the Office?" As we await the verdict on post-pandemic plans, a look back at 150 years of cubicles, corner offices, all-nighters, and the holiday party
(Plus- The Dark Side of the Moon)

The wonder (and weaknesses) of the workplace:

"Coleridge the philosopher": though largely remembered only as a poet, Coleridge’s theory of ideas was spectacular in its originality and bold reach
(Plus- Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Muse on meaning:

"Mathematics for Gamblers": if philosophers and mathematicians struggle with probability, can gamblers really hope to grasp their losing game?
(Plus- Ramanujan)

Roll the dice:

"The Return of the Harmonica": in the 1970s, Hohner, the world’s largest harmonica manufacturer, changed its flagship model-- and its sound. A few musicians waged a quiet rebellion. And they won.
Plus- Rock and Roll High School)


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