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Learning from the long-lived: "Building on Tradition — 1,400 Years of a Family Business"
(Plus- the Titanic, launched)

Take the long view:

Clouds of Unknowing: Edward Quin’s (1830) "Historical Atlas." Via the invaluable @PublicDomainRev
(Plus- Mariner 9)

Find your place:

Sometimes profane, often profound, always wonderfully watercolory-- visit the amazing aviary @FalseKnees
(Plus- Jack Kamen)

Fun with fowl:

"How Long is Now?" From @ahmedkabil and The Long Now Foundation, a (wonderfully-illustrated) appreciation of the art of @AliciaEggert and the questions it addresses
(Plus- the eclipse of Thales)

Tackle time:

Cool, cooler, cold- Ingrid Rowland on Elizabeth David's Harvest of the Cold Months: The Social History of Ice and Ices: "The Empress of Ice Cream"
(Plus- Root Glass and the Coca-Cola bottle)

Channel Márquez:

What @CarlotaPrzPerez 's theory of economic/tech development suggests about what our future might hold: "Bubbles, Bubbles, Toils, and Troubles," from @AnnikaSays and @divine_economy
(Plus- the last Model T)

Reset your sextant:

The filing cabinet was critical to the information infrastructure of the 20th century; like most infrastructure, it was usually overlooked-- an oversight that @craig2robertson rectifies: "The Filing Cabinet"
(Plus- Malcolm McLean)

Savor smart storage:

How Mesmer's Animal Magnetism became Hypnosis-- and how it birthed an understanding of the Unconscious
(Plus- William Whewell)

Go Deep:

The quietly oppositional delight of knowing things you don’t need to know: "The Pleasures of LearnedLeague and the Spirit of Trivia"
(Plus- John McClane)

Revel in the rarefied:

Postal privacy in the past-- "Cracking the Code of Letterlocking": a tale of Black Chambers, lost correspondence, and high technology
(Plus- Bugs Bunny, stamped)

Muse on missives:

Anyone who says they know exactly what’s happening in the economy is lying. @EmilyStewartM explores that uncertainty and what it might mean: "The black box economy"
(Plus- it's National Be a Millionaire Day!)

Contemplate conflicting charts:

Dept. of Misinformation: Faulkner argued that "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Ted Gioia (@tedgioia) offers a timely historical example: "Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte"
(Plus- Napoleon becomes Emperor)

Contend with conspiracists:

A proto-modernist memory palace: "Visualizing History: The Polish System"
(Plus- Louie, Louie)

Picture the past:

"Oikos vs polis: a new (but old) axis on the political map": @intrcnnctd with a provocative reframing of the political landscape
(Plus- the Medici, temporarily out)

Ruminate on relationships:

"When a Famous Literary Critic Unraveled Silicon Valley’s Most Sensational Murder Case": in the 1930s, Stanford literary scholar Yvor Winters demonstrated his skills as a detective. From @tedgioia
(Plus- the Cosmic Calendar)

Consider the clues:

How pineapple broke the internet-- @will_coldwell explains why Hawaiian pizza is the polarizing issue of our times
(Plus- the McDonald's #1 Store Museum)

As we keep it simple:

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