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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

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Free analogy fodder from a slow day in the office: Ripping up six sheets of paper is easier than doing it to three sheets folded in half.

@riga I'm still thinking about your question from the other day. Thanks, I needed that.

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It's weird how personal data was not a big deal when identity theft was on the news, but then became a serious concern when the threat became machines doing statistics at you.

To everyone making it into the new year in indescribable pain and sorrow, I give you the song of my people, the shoggoths: BLRGLAAAAHRGHSFLARTHUUNGRLNUUUNGGRLLLBRAAARRRGLHSHLAAAARPL!

As the year ends, and the "X of the year" bullshit rolls, here's my take on it: Lesson of the Year.

For me, the lesson of the year is that geography matters, and over-extension killls.

What's yours?

The problem with writing an innovative, realistic, dystopian story is that some people actually are monsters and we shouldn't give them ideas.

I'm getting a feeling that a lot of theorizing about the early development of agriculture fails to take into account the time it took for artificial selection of crops to gradually improve nutritional productivity.

All I want for christmas is brain damage

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It's finally time to share my favorite christmas card again!
#metalocalypse #christmas

@Elmkast You got me thinking about low-context/high-context differences, and that made me realize just how subconsciously uncomfortable I've always been with my grandmother's insistence on being addressed in third-person by younger people.

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What if we repurposed a fantasy football backend to build a fantasy supergroup website where you can draft musicians and compete in the battle of the fictitious bands :blobthinkingcool:

Whenever I feel the need to pay attention to something just because it's on the news, I remind myself of the time when this country's most sold newspaper ran a four page story on a random guy who died by choking on a pork sandwich.

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