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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

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The equinox has come, and spring is now upon us.

So, what's the most important lessons y'all learned this winter?

For the love of Kafka: my cousin got fined after an accident for not having vehicle registration papers because the police couldn't be arsed to find them in the wreckage.

So, I've been catching up on a discussion that leads to this post:

I must say, this is testing my sanity. I had already made peace with free-market capitalism being a deceptively foreign culture, but the whole pro-blackmail thing is giving me a visceral feeling of Otherness I don't think I've ever felt.

Honest question: how does "going outside" work? As in, leaving the house with no purpose beyond not being inside the house.

Hypothesis: crab mentality is less about envy and more about the socialization of risk.

That moment when business was so good last year you lose all your small business tax exemptions and end up with only half the profit, so you decide to cancel the expansion plans, lay-off the staff, and start working only part-time...

The best portuguese love song of all time, distilled into a single sentence: "we're both past our prime and unlikely to find someone better, so might as well settle, at least for tonight”

Do all computer mice have crap wheels? Does anyone know a mouse model that can handle at least 2 years of heavy use (both scrolling and clicking), or do I have to buy a new one every six months?

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image description: A pentagram, with the points labelled Sad, Angry, Horny, Angry, and Stressed. Lines connect the points, forming the mood portmanteaus Strungry (stressed and hungry), Strorny (stressed and horny), Horngry (horny and angry), Sangry (sad and angry), Sungry (hungry and sad), Strad (stressed and sad), Strangry (stressed and angry), Sorny (sad and horny), Hurngry (hungry and horny), Hangry (hungry and angry), Strurngry (stressed, hungry, and horny), Strorngry (stressed, horny, and angry), Horngrad (sad, horny, and angry), Hungerad (hungry, sad, and angry), and Strungrad (stressed, hungry, and sad).

Facepalm of the week: unemployment center sends a bunch of illiterate people to do computer classes. None of them can find the place.

I don-t want to become that old guy complaining about kids these days, but it would help a lot if kids these days didn't look as if they were always wearing pajamas.

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Help! I think I'm becoming a libertarian!

There's an 80 yo woman that will forever be the greatest mistery I will never solve.

Is she a product of living under a dictatorship, controlled by secret police, until she was in her 40s?

Is she just an autistic person lucky to grow up in a society where being blind to social nuance and operating only on the surface level is a functional strategy?

Is there a completely different explanation? I'll never know, and she will never understand my curiosity.

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@muninn being this isolated is *definitely* not the norm. Humans are group animals. We start acting really fucking weird when we're alone for long periods of time.

As time passes, and I become less likely to have children, and the people whose kids I would care about either opt out of having them, or die, I notice I'm increasingly willing to act against the common good for short term pleasure.

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