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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

Optimism: Living through two major recessions sucks, but at least it's not two world wars.

Pessimism: Yet.

Just to get ahead of the curve, when the next recession comes and they start talking about austerity, remember that Durão Barroso, the president of the European Comission during the last recession, pushed austerity in exchange for a sweet gig at Goldman-Sachs.

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Fedifolk, if y'all get bored with the isolation/quarantine, take the chance to watch The Mighty Boosh, an underrated classic of wtfuckery

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Seriously, who dafuq needs to vacuum until 22h four nights in a row?

People who need a brick to the forehead, that's who.

I'm very curious if the people next door have really become so germaphobic they need to vacuum every day and every night, or if they're just trying to mask the sounds of fucking

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If you're a secops person out of work and interested in some Security Ops contract work, I may be able to help. DM me

100% remote work, full time

If not, please boost for visibility!

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For those of us in places with shelter-in-place or social distancing orders, remember we won’t see the benefits of isolating ourselves for a couple weeks.

The new cases we’re seeing now were already baked in. Don’t take a spike now to mean our measure’s aren’t working. Isolation today is to reduce the growth 1-3 weeks from now.


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The worst part of reference based humour is that getting too used to it makes you suck at improv.

Periodic reminder: for many questions regarding baffling behaviours of millionaires, the correct answer is cocaine.

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Feed additives that contained phosphoric acid, citric acid, or fumaric acid were the most effective in reducing virus survival, although none of the additives completely inactivated the virus by 10- days post-inoculation.

If you’re out of alcohol, use phosphoric acid or iodine in a pinch.

Five Star sells food grade acid and iodine sanitizers.

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#copyright question for all you nice people!

My university (in Italy) has moved to online classes, using microsoft TEAMS, for the coronavirus outbreak.

They published a regulation saying that all content from a class, which is a conference so everyone can chime in talk and show, is copyright of the university.

Now that sounds weird, I would have expected each person to own the copyright to its own contribution, since we didn't sign nothing for it, and the university to own dick bupkis.

Could someone help me here? Is the university trying to bullshit us?

Things to look forward to after the pandemic ends:

-Baby boom
-Rethinking capitalism
-Lots of people gonna quit their addictions
-Pornhub stats gonna be sick

Cambridge University is making their course literature free for everyone until end of May 2020:

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