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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

If anyone has leads on software engineering jobs in the Seattle area, I’d love to hear about ’em :heart_cybre:

Architecture fetishists: if you build it, they will come.

germany specific, preparing for family death 

Ok; I have USA based checklists coming out my ears. I have information on how to bridge the international paperwork barrier. What I do not have, and would find useful, is a Germany specific list of what needs to be done before and after a death. (I'd expect that to be in German, and can handle the language barrier, just not well enough to tailor my search terms.) Does anyone have suggestions? (boost ok)

Open discussion: are we lucky that covid took a giant steaming shit on the global rise of new nationalism?

Some thoughts are like the sun. They play a big role in how you see the world every day, but if you stare at them directly you go blind.

People who understand this better: does putting a data center under the sea to keep it cooler make any sense?

"Military grade ad optimization engine". What the fuck is the military doing?

Initiative to ban mass biometric surveillance in EU

European citizens campaign to prohibit biometric mass surveillance practices

This is one of the few posts I put publicly and I ask for a Boost!

If you are from EU or you know EU people, it could be interesting.
This is not an usual random web petition, this is an official ECI (European citizens initiative)


What alternate universe you do you think is happiest?

Half the people who claim to use GIMP are lying about pirating Photoshop.

What alternate universe you do you think is happiest?

Dear Google,
If all the data you collect is to show me more relevant ads, why haven't you figured out yet that I don't have a pussy?
Just stop selling me cat food and female hygiene products, please.

outdated uspol take 

Turns out, in hindsight, that Donald Trump was actually a performance art piece, deconstructing the classic shonen anime protagonist. An orange idiot, impulsive and prone to befriending villains, who is so desperate for validation he decides to aim for the most important title he can find, without understanding what the job entails.

Donald Trump was Naruto all along.

Does anyone know of any studies about the impacts of surveillance capitalism on the content of the delusions of paranoid schizophrenics?

I used to know a kid who was eventually sent to an institution for youth at risk. He came back worse. Today I saw on the news that, in that same institution, two teens murdered a younger kid and threw his corpse down a well.

Makes you think, eh?

"How does legitimate interest work?
Some vendors are not asking for your consent, but are using your personal data on the basis of their legitimate interest."

Can I claim legitimate interest to use these vendors as target practice without their consent?

The General Conference for Weights and Measures should replace the Un. They have more experience making rules for rulers.

My grandma was atching something on tv whose title translates to "I don't know what this is about, but I don't agree".

I immediately hated the title. And it took me a good 20 minutes of stewing in that hate to realize, I don't know what this show is about, but I don't agree.

I concede, title person.

Do text-to-speech things read things out louder when you use caps lock?

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