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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

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It's interesting how, as soon as a conspiracy theory is proven right, everybody stops caring about it, but debunked theories never go away.

Maybe the Great Weirding is just how it feels to be a background extra in a cyberpunk setting. We think there's no grand narrative because we are just that far removed from action, but still expect to have protagonist level clearance in regards to plot details.

National(ist) holidays: because we sometimes forget which of our relatives enjoyed the dictatorship.

TIL spiders can survive being microwaved

Are there any good alternatives to rent control?

The Animals and Nature Party (aka the Vegan Party) is probably the party that most reflects the opinions of the portuguese electorate on anything except vegan issues.

They have one dude in parliament, and the one time he didn't abstain from a non-vegan related vote, it was by mistake, and he asked to change his vote after.

This town, seriously. The wasp plague back in autumn was bad enough. Now it's a spider plague. I'm moving out before the next horde of hostile insects comes.

The main portuguese far-right party makes great anti-refugee speeches. It's a pity no refugees are willing to come to Portugal.

It's disturbing how often Portuguese young adults only find out they have health issues after becoming financially independent because the standard attitude to sick kids was "stop being a pussy"

Just realized that, in pure hourly rates, housekeepers are one of the best paying jobs in Portugal

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did not see the Huawei blackout causing google to drop their Android license, there-by getting dropped from the store. wow that's went from a weird united states quirk to a global mess really quick.

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If you ever find yourself idolizing rural lifestyles, remember: one of the main motivations for technological innovation is the fact (not opinion, fact) that rural life sucks.

One person's techno-utopia is a thousand people's cyberpunk dystopia.

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Ever met someone who lives to make numbers go up?

No social life, no hobbies, no friends, no nothing. All available time and attention is dedicated to the number. Must know all the things that affect the number, at the expense of being aware of anything else. Must sacrifice all resources to make the number go up.

I think it's the most non-person I've ever seen a person be.

Does anyone here know how's the obesity situation in Japan?

I ask because I've noticed japanese fiction lately seems a bit obsessed with food.

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