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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

Whatever you do, try to keep your legal footprint concise and legible. Otherwise, even simple things can become true ordeals.

I never expected that after deciding to become unemployed again, I'd feel so sad. It's a dumb health destroying job with asshole management and assholer executives, and a fair share of asshole-ish coworkers.
But the core gameplay loop is kinda fun.

For example, too much wealth for tax exemptions, not enough for tax havens.

If the sweetspot of a variable is the value where it's neither too much nor too little, is there a term for the opposite, when a variable is both too much and not enough?

I may not be cut out for factory work. This is the first time in thirty years I'm in a male dominated environment, and I'm really, really bad at navigating the social norms.

It's weird and sad how my horndog coworkers are so upfront about how a 4.5 is the best they ever hope to get in life.

First day on the new job:
"So, where you from?"
[town name]
"But like, what country?"
"This one"
"But like, where your family from?"
"This country we're in right now."
"But like, all of them?"

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I read this science-fiction short story “I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter” which is reminiscent of Ann Leckie's books in how it plays with gender and militarism, but I think this is better.

Gatekeeping anti-gatekeeping

Me complaining about useless knowledge.

Armchair economists, I shit in thy general direction.

After my first time meeting an incel in real life, I've concluded that fandoms have a very important social function of keeping these people busy and away from me.

Domestic abuse 

Lifehack: always consider setup + cleanup time vs. enjoyment time. It's why smart people don't buy fondue sets.

What we want: flying cars

What we get: spycars (that spy on you)

Happy merry whatever the fuck you celebrate. Try to stay alive another 300 and whatever days.

Eventually, inevitably, the world will groan at the release of the mighty XXXBoxxx.

Theory: the end of the pimp cane culture is directly responsible for the phenomenon of everyone forgetting their umbrellas as soon as it stops raining.

I used to think people who do crystal healing and other insane forms of not-medicine where all self-aware frauds, but it turns out a lot of them are stuck in a MLM loop of paying for classes in bullshit healing and then trying to make the money back selling bullshit treatments.

Best way to predict how new technologies will be used: WWSD?
(What would Sauron do?)

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Do y’all want to see my favorite photo from the Soviet Union?

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