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Headbanging is how smart people shake their money maker

I'm really curious about what the EA crowd thinks about bullfights.

Does the violence outweight the superior life quality of the fighting bull compared to regular cattle?

Is extinguishing the breed a morally superior alternative to the current situation?

The largest possible "us" will always outnumber the largest possible "them" by exactly one person.

Thank you @msweet for suggesting vertical mice. +5 quality of life.

@msweet In your latest post, you describe the light/heavy axis as being about amount of gear, but your examples seem more like individual/group travel.


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May's Law:

Software efficiency halves every 18 months, compensating Moore’s Law.

Is this a local thing, or is there a general trend of wearing white at millennial funerals?

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Today, there was a tourism industry event, about cemetery tourism. In the past I've made a lot of jokes about this very topic, and in a different circumstance, I would probably be in favor.

But after the whole country has been packaged to sell to people from countries with minimum wages that are double our medium wage, after everyone too poor to pay german prices or not suited for the servant industry got kicked out of the game? It just feels like pissing on our future's grave.

I'd also like to know what sane business plan would lead my phone operator to spam me with crap about kimono sewing workshops.

Also, I think youtube has become convinced anyone interested in history documentaries is also interested in right wing politics and ethnic essentialism. Quoth the orange duck, "sad".

Sometimes, I remove suggestions on social media as an attempt to train the algorythm, for example letting it know I'm not interested in vegan groups in a different continent.

But not only have the suggestions only gotten worse over time (seriously, youtube, peddling nikki minaj on a satyricon video?), now the book of faces keeps assuming every rejection is about bullying or hate groups or fake news and popping up the report page.

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When we realised industrial civilisation would die out, we crowdfunded a monument in the desert, to say "It wasn't our fault".
Other works saying "Yes it was" were erected around it.
In the end, that seemed a fitting thing to have our last mechanical war over.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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The worst part of the UK leaving the EU, for me, will be probably be not having an english language amazon inside the EU.

Time to learn das deutsch...

Dudes making AI for coding tasks. Another step toward self coding AI, and the eventual cyberpunkalypse?

Can anyone tell me good alternatives to the standard mouse?

Starting to lose my ability to properly use a mouse due to Idiopathic Joint Fuckery.

That thing where old people let just one fingernail grow like a claw, is it common everywhere, or just a local quirk?

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