Since we moved here five years ago, my wife has diligently kept the local crows fed, making sure to put the food out under the cherry tree when they were around to see it.

This year, a pair have nested in the big tree overlooking our yard with line of sight to the ground beneath the cherry tree.

It's good to build community.




Crow bros! No get some tiny shot glasses and open a crow bar.

@machado @djsundog

Very cool! Do they help with bugs at all? I want to attract birds that eat mosquitos

@float13 @djsundog

Corvids are omnivorous, but apparently they are increasingly trash-fed, so they might not eat other stuff until they run out of easy garbage.

For mosquitoes, I usually use spiders and smoke. The local spiders are not too venomous, so I try to keep one per room.

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