What's the thing you most regret having opinions on?

For me, it's other people's taste in entertainment.

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@machado does it entail expressing that opinion, or that having it is regretful enough?

@ykgoon the main bit is that you regret not the content, but that engaged with the topic at all.

@machado long ago at a food court I casually asked friends: "Why are there so many Korean joints here? They having bad time making money back home?"

Turn out an operator was near me, so he answered me in Korean.

@ykgoon I've had my share of expressing opinions about the people standing behind me. I think that's a different type of regret. I was really thinking about regretting the waste of time and energy.

For me, having opinions about other people's tastes just me less pleasant to have around without improving my life in any way. A lot of people end up regretting having opinions on politics or sports for similar reasons.

@machado I dislike frivolous small talks to the point where there exist not one family gathering I enjoy.

I dunno if that counts as regret but that preference is not by choice. But I don't mind if I can enjoy even frivolity.

@ykgoon I get you. Family gatherings mix the busywork of small talk with the drama potential of people who've known each other for too long and might have common wealth.

I find gatherings of non-family acquaintances even worse on the small talk front.

@machado with non-family you have a choice of offending them and not see them again.

With family it's just awkward.

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