How about a new discussion topic?

I think most people have been spending more time at home lately, and so have had more time to notice design issues.

1) What is something you like about the place where you live?

2) What is something you've noticed about the built environment of your home that you would change, given the resources and opportunity to do so?

3) If you were building a house from scratch, what is something you would include? Something you would avoid?

1- I lived in several places this year, and I'm moving again tomorrow. The best part of any of them was size (except for cleaning).

2- Full rebuilds. They all have serious structural issues.

3- Avoid yards. Too much maintenance. Avoid ground floor windows. Include decent drainage, sound proofing, and design everything for my height instead of my hobbit sized relatives.


I hope your move goes well.

Why avoid ground floor windows?


To clarify, that applies mostly to street facing windows. Although I'm not a fan of excessive windowage in general. I can't relax if I feel I'm too visible or audible from the outside. Also, at ground floor you are susceptible to drunk stranger shenanigans, unwanted neighbour interactions, and entry by dumb fearless animals.

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Ah, that makes sense. I usually like having windows available so that I can air the place out, provided the air outside is fresh enough.

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