Solstice is upon us. A good time to share what we've learned this year. So, what have y'all learned?

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I've learned that explanations should be earned, not given freely. And sometimes the best way to deal with awkward silence is to let it roll over into comfortable silence.

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@machado I've learned
skill != enjoyment
I'm terrible at volleyball, but I've always loved playing. I'm also a terrible programmer. I spend all my time reading docs and web forums. And in any project where there's three ways to "skin a cat", I'll use all three in the wrong way. But it's still fun solving problems!

So I'll never make a living at volleyball or programming. I'm always be an untalented hack. But I'll be a happy untalented hack.

I went through a similar experience last year. The skill I've been more recognized for in my life is writing, but I hate the experience of doing it. It is a thing of anger and despair.

Meanwhile, I'm beginner+ at drawing and beginner- at painting, but I enjoy it enough that the task is rewarding by itself, without need for recognition or financial profit. Same for fucking around with blender and unreal engine.

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